September 07, 2011

    Countdown to Brimfield and Color Chats--the NEW Benjamin Moore blog

    Color Chats screenshot
    Color chats, a new blog from Benjamin Moore is ready to launch, so this will be my last post here at Living in Color. I'm off to hunt and gather and tweet from the Brimfield show, and if all goes according to plan, on September 7 Benjamin Moore will launch the best blog for color We'll have lots to...  Read more...


    August 30, 2011

    Shopping Brimfield for Antiques & Furniture Suitable for Painting

    LUCIANNA SAMU. Seems anyone who lives within traveling distance of Massachusetts is busy cleaning out their car to make room for every possibility and probability to be found at what hard-core salvage and antique hunters simply call, Brimfield. It's known officially as The Brimfield Antique Show (Sept. 6-11) and next week it will be a nice diversion from the lingering Irene news, and a great opportunity to stock up furniture pieces worthy of painting and repurposing. The deals and steals at Brimfield are plentiful, especially if you know what to look for--here's a short list of sound furniture buying tips to keep in mind.  Read more...


    August 26, 2011

    Recycling and Brightening Up Old Furniture with White Paint

    LUCIANNA SAMU. I'm a firm believer that every sound and sturdy chair is a suitable candidate for the recycling, re-purposing or "up-cycling" white paint treatment. Collecting odd chairs is a hobby for me, and during the long cold months of winter I like to occupy myself cooking up new fangled ways to paint my summer's collection of needy and sad looking chairs. I shop garage sales, antique shops, auctions, the roadside and finally the September Brimfield show with equal fervor. It's a long cold winter here on the farm and I need stuff to paint.  Read more...


    August 23, 2011

    A Patriotic Color Scheme Circa 2011

    LUCIANNA SAMU. It's official--the glorious blue bedroom is complete and I think General George Washington himself would approve. I began the transformation of this room with an uncharacteristic yearning for the color blue, proving once again that when it comes to color conundrums following a gut instinct is a wise decision. Lifting my personal embargo on blue walls in deference to my Revolutionary War era blue and gold color palette ultimately led me to Deep Ocean 2058-30. Ta-da!  Read more...


    August 19, 2011

    Painting Old World Stone with Texture Paint

    LUCIANNA SAMU. Color, texture and pattern are the design equivalent of a master chef's lightly sauteed mirepoix. Three simple ingredients--how is easy is that? The color and pattern components of a fabulous bedroom design can and should be a love thing; no other room in the house is better suited to your personal taste or love of a particular color. Patterned bedding, drapes, throw pillows, a rug or the artwork can begin to speak to the textural ingredient, but to realize a truly balanced and polished trilogy, nothing speaks to texture better than stone.  Read more...