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April 22, 2009

Dining by Design

I just enjoyed another year's DBD gala put together by DIFFA (Design Industries Foundation Fighting Aids) and sponsored by Architectural Digest.  This years gathering had a very intimate and special tone to it.  The air is community rather than competition.  The designers are especially passionate about their work, too.  Check out Diffa's site for the tour schedule.  Here are some of my favorites:




Fashion Institute of Technology with mentor David Beahm. The message is strikingly simple-- "leave your wish." All were invited to scribe our own wish and tie it to the ever-growing overhead sculpture of thoughts.



Michael Tavano for New York Design Center (Photographer Rick Lew) with the help of a commissioned local graffiti artist. Michael Tavano does a beautiful job narrating color, design and style with the street story of AIDs.  Details: Chic graffiti crusted dinnerware; Homey cherubs on the ceiling to symbolize our dear ones lost to AIDS.



Parsons, The New School for Design with mentor Vicente Wolfe brought colors to life with Color Mayhem.  The premise: What if Benjamin Moore paint colors came to life when no one was looking?  The result: A whimsical, hand constructed series of robot characters with colorful personalities that I would invite over for dinner anytime.


New York University with mentor Miles Redd.  This primary feast combines animated color and digital fireplace with traditional lines in the dining table and chairs.  The result is a vivid table full of fun.



David Stark for Benjamin Moore & Co. The Natura paint can turned dining room was big enough for a party of 20, but the paint's actual impact on the environment is minimal.  We chose to introduce our zero voc paint that's available in any color over dinner.  Some guests donned their painters' hats as they lifted their paint brushes onto the evolving canvas and found virtually no odor to the paint.  Details: Paint cans as light fixtures and centerpieces- now that's reuse at it's best!


Francois Simard for Kravet. A burst of color through upside down beach pails makes a fun statement overhead.


SHoP Architects and Supima for The New York Times. Articulated blooms create a semi-private dining space that is as tactile as it is appealing.  Details: Place setting templates cut from fabric adorned the table.



David Beahm for Continental Airlines. This classic combination of Black White and Red is accented with a crisp blue and creates an inviting and rich table by David Beahm.


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DIFFA's number one

Thanks, Jean! Please visit often and share away- I'll try to make it a colorful experience every time!

This is wonderful. I live in Denver and through this blog can enjoy the most sophisticated and current designs created today. Wow the color!

Thanks Renee! Sometimes it's refreshing to see an ordinary object clustered and put onto the ceiling. Kravet did a great job with that touch.

Thanks, Jennifer- you inspired me! For everyone else, check out Jennifer's blog at www.designholeonline.com

I am lovin this blog..
Hard to pick a favorite, they are all great, but the colorful pails are so much fun.....

Brilliant post! Welcome to Blogland.

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