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May 08, 2009

Ancient Stories Told By Color

Just in time for the weekend.  I remember the film Hero- it's one of the most impactful movies I've ever experienced around color. Yes, it was THAT powerful. I believe that color can help you tell a story. This film by Zhang Yimou takes that idea to a new place. (It's a foreign film with subtitles, so watch it when you're ready to read a little) The story is told through flashbacks from various character perspectives.  Not only is each person's story different, but each one's story saturates the screen with a different hue.  You'll see amazing colors like a lotus flower (571), blazing orange (2011-20), and a clearest ocean blue (2064-40). Check out the clip below to get a glimpse. 

If you love color as much as I do, I think you'll enjoy the artistry and imagination found in this film.  If you're in the New York area and want to celebrate Color and Asian Pacific American Heritage Month (May), also check out the Peking Opera Mask Workshop this weekend.  Learn about the meanings behind the patterns and colors of these traditional masks and create a masterpiece of your own.  It's a fun event for any age!

Peking Opera Mask Workshop


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Oh, I love new leads! Thanks Elliwati- I'll check it out. There are so many films out there that do a great job with color...

Hi Sonu,
This is reminded me of the similar 'ancient story' film "Curse of the Golden Flower". Check the movie out, it's a very beautiful film and I think the color in this movie even stronger than in Hero. Amazing use color of Red.
Great topics !

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