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24 posts from May 2009

May 28, 2009

Fabulous Fashion Forward Options Can Be Green, Too

I'm fascinated by and applaud the fact that Organic and Environmentally Responsible choices are becoming more readily available to everyone.  Support the efforts to put your green ($$) where it counts.  Here are some fun options to try:

Loomstate for Target:  Rogan Gregory has teamed up again with Target for what is sure to be a runway runaway hit!  The organic clothes available in hot pink, navy, cerulean, are colorful, comfy, and eco-minded in their graphics.

Loomstate for target

There are several options for Organic fabrics, too.  So whether you're reupholstering or looking for a source for organic napkins, there are several companies ready to sell organic to you.  One of my favorites is Mod Green Pod out of Austin.  They offer great graphic prints onto certified organic fabrics for about $15-40/yd.  They also have a fun Room Creator tool to help you visualize the fabric in a setting.

Modgreenpod room creator




Of course, I can't forget the paint!  Natura is a new zero voc paint from Benjamin Moore that I mentioned yesterday and I'll be sure to blog more about it soon.  The great thing about this paint that sets it apart from the rest is that you can create a truly green paint in any color.  Any Color!!   Many other paints on the market are only zero voc until you add in colorants that are chock full of vocs in some colors.  Natura's colorants add no vocs, so you end up leaving the store with a paint you keep feeling good about. 

I know Kermit always said it's not easy being green, but these options make it a lot more fun to be a little greener in my life.


May 27, 2009

A Paler Green?

I just read this article about the fact that the US Energy Secretary, Steven Chu, is becoming a color consultant of sorts.  The administration is exploring the idea of using paler/lighter colors on roofs and exteriors to save on energy costs.  I just wonder what kind of effect this statement will have on color choice and energy.  

I think that all colors should be "green".  We're well on the right path with the recent launch of Natura, an interior zero voc paint that is zero voc in ANY color!  More details to come on this product soon.


While shopping at Columbus Circle, I had the pleasure of meeting fellow colorphile, Olivia.  She's got the hottest bag in town.  I can't imagine a better way to support the environment than with a reusable bag that's colorfully stylish! 

Tate Modern ROYGBIV Bag 

Olivia poses with her Unity Peg Colour Bag from The Tate Modern.

This Colour Bag has got it all!  It's 100% cotton, fully washable and well designed by Unity Peg (Designer-Artist couple Jane Atfield and Robert Sheperd.  Their goal is to create contemporary works that are accessible and make sense in everyday life. 


May 26, 2009

Color Blocks with Photos


I'm always looking for ways to show off pics of my bambino and I especially like this one--it's artistic, chunky, and playful.  Photo blocks from www.elsewares.com.

May 22, 2009

Ben ColorCapture & iPhone

Check out the new app for iPhone from Benjamin Moore.  The New York Times is covering it here.  WIth the app Ben ColorCapture, you can take a photo of pretty much anything and match it to a Benjamin Moore color!  My favorite part is the shake.  Once you select a color you love, shake the phone to see coordinating colors.  This puts the fun back into creating a color scheme!  ColorCapture Ben will launch in June and is a free app.  Ben is quickly becoming my new best friend. 

Sidebar: They photographed my iPhone for the article-- my iPhone is officially famous! 

  Iphone ben colorcapture  

See the similarities?  Image on Left: me, Image on Right: Fernando Ariza/New York Times.  My phone is famous!