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May 19, 2009

Meaningful Color and Design

Some people challenge the topics of color and design, saying they are entirely materialisticor meaningless.  I disagree. Strongly.  An environment can shape a person's experience.  A well planned environment that uses color & design can positively effect attitudes, perspectives, and imagination.  It's something that I believe everyone deserves.

I recently heard about a project that brings all this together.  Similac and it's parent company Abbott Nutrition invited families to share their personal story and how a dream nursery would help them welcome their "new addition" into the world.  Sharon Nelson and her fiancĂ© Anthony Beauzile of Harlem are one of the four deserving families of the Custom Nursery Design Contest.  Sharon is a two-time cancer survivor who was told it would take a miracle for her to have a baby.  Well, Nelson Anthony Beauzile (below) is that miracle and was born in August 2008. (Adorable!)  

Nelson baby

Nelson nursery final

With a $10,000 gift and Area Aesthetics' designer Peggy Berk's creative vision, the Nelson-Beauzile family now has a very special space for their little one to grow in more ways than one.  Peggy's guiding principles in this design project were focused.  The space planning is centered around how a baby interacts- there's plenty of open space to play and explore and low shelving and furniture that's just his size.  After reaching the obvious goals of creating a safe and healthy environment, she looked to also create a space that would grow and evolve with the family, working in things the family owned and loved already, and using color, color, and more color to add vitality to the space.  Peggy's choice for the walls in the space is a custom color matched ocean blue from Benjamin Moore. The combination of the colors of the walls and nautical themed border served as inspiration for the entire room. 

My favorite part of the project is what it can inspire in us all-- the desire to do good and share our talents.  In this case, it also helps to prove that design and color can be life changing.  On a personal note, stay tuned for details on a project I'm working on with a friend around giving the gift of design to new moms in need.  Every baby's first space should be one that's well designed, don't you think?


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Great and touching story complimented by a beautiful room!


Thank you for sharing this story.

Working on this project was incredibly gratifying. I can't wait to hear about your project for new moms in need.

Peggy Berk

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