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24 posts from May 2009

May 20, 2009

My Visit to ICFF

I've been in NYC visiting the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (affectionately known as ICFF).  I love this show because it offers a great view of global contemporary design in a relatively small show footprint.  Between trade and the general public, over 25,000 people visit ICFF.  Somehow the show always manages to attract over 600 innovative exhibitors.  I had the pleasure of talking with a few of them that I found interesting.  Take a look!

What’s happening on the aisles at ICFF 2009:

Click each link below for videos of the most interesting people I met at the show!

Meet Jonathan Adler Designs : The style at Jonathan Adler is all about color and being bold in choices.  Their work is rooted in mid century modern style with modern twists on everything!  

Meet Vitra: A classic arbiter of design, Vitra offers designs from iconic designers of the past and the future.  Vitra caters to many different ideas of style while consistently offering timeless quality.  

Meet Alpha Workshops: Not only is Alpha Workshops the only not-for-profit organization in the country that trains and employs people living with HIV/AIDS in the decorative arts, but they also create beautiful, handpainted wallcoverings. 

Meet Wilsonart and the Philadelphia University Industrial Design Program: The two have partnered to present compelling work by students who were challenged with creating a design solution using the simple form of a Wilsonart laminate sample.  Students chosen to exhibit at ICFF have successfully put the "art" in Wilsonart!  Visit www.wilsonart.com/ and Philadelphia University's Industrial Design Program for more information.

Meet Studio Cochineal: A unique design build company that specializes in colorful and contemporary furniture, Studio Cochineal reminds us that loving your work is what it's all about. 

Meet Jamie Harris:  You've seen hand blown glass, but nothing like the work of Jamie Harris.  His combinations of colors and organic shapes are the next generation of the classic art.

Miami, Meet Marimekko (Again)

The stylish and iconic Finnish design house, Marimekko, has landed in the Miami Design District!  Their designs for home and fashion are always bursting with lively hues and that energy is the perfect addition to the already 200 other creative businesses in the area.  Cristina Dominguez is the visionary owner of Marimekko Miami, which moves into a new home that's over 3000 square feet of space described as a minimally designed to provide a clean canvas.  Perfect for all those brightly colored items like fashion for men, women, and kids, home accessories, furniture, fabrics, and books!



Marimekko Miami

Marimekko's eye for color and pattern is unmistakeable.  Find something you love at Marimekko and let it be your colorful muse.  It can be the source for a vivid and original color combination for your space.  Imagine fucshia trim against a pale blue wall or a bold red ceiling in a room with chairs covered in the classic Marimekko Unikko floral fabric.  (Located at 3940 North Miami Avenue in the Miami Design District.  Open 10am-6pm Monday through Saturday.  Ph: 305.573.4244) 

If you're not Miami-bound for a while, don't worry, you can shop online like me, at www.marimekkomiami.com

May 19, 2009

Meaningful Color and Design

Some people challenge the topics of color and design, saying they are entirely materialisticor meaningless.  I disagree. Strongly.  An environment can shape a person's experience.  A well planned environment that uses color & design can positively effect attitudes, perspectives, and imagination.  It's something that I believe everyone deserves.

I recently heard about a project that brings all this together.  Similac and it's parent company Abbott Nutrition invited families to share their personal story and how a dream nursery would help them welcome their "new addition" into the world.  Sharon Nelson and her fiancé Anthony Beauzile of Harlem are one of the four deserving families of the Custom Nursery Design Contest.  Sharon is a two-time cancer survivor who was told it would take a miracle for her to have a baby.  Well, Nelson Anthony Beauzile (below) is that miracle and was born in August 2008. (Adorable!)  

Nelson baby

Nelson nursery final

With a $10,000 gift and Area Aesthetics' designer Peggy Berk's creative vision, the Nelson-Beauzile family now has a very special space for their little one to grow in more ways than one.  Peggy's guiding principles in this design project were focused.  The space planning is centered around how a baby interacts- there's plenty of open space to play and explore and low shelving and furniture that's just his size.  After reaching the obvious goals of creating a safe and healthy environment, she looked to also create a space that would grow and evolve with the family, working in things the family owned and loved already, and using color, color, and more color to add vitality to the space.  Peggy's choice for the walls in the space is a custom color matched ocean blue from Benjamin Moore. The combination of the colors of the walls and nautical themed border served as inspiration for the entire room. 

My favorite part of the project is what it can inspire in us all-- the desire to do good and share our talents.  In this case, it also helps to prove that design and color can be life changing.  On a personal note, stay tuned for details on a project I'm working on with a friend around giving the gift of design to new moms in need.  Every baby's first space should be one that's well designed, don't you think?

May 18, 2009

The Colors in Living In Color

I've had a few people ask me what the colors are in the graphic for Living In Color.  So I thought I'd share since they really are some of my favorites.  I chose them because they reflect a part of me.  It's the same way I think everyone should choose color. 

Here are the colors: granite AF-660, morrocan spice AF-285, barrista AF-175, agave AF-420, seedling AF-450.   I associate these colors to energy, modern trends, antique jewel tones, and comfortable confidence.  What colors describe you?  Enjoy!

Good Design or Bust in a Changing World

City journal cover may 09

A friend just sent me this article from the City Journal.  Fellow designers and design afficianados, perk up and read on!  It's a phenomenal work in which Kay S. Hymowitz captures the pure essence of the changing economy, dynamism of design, and power of imagination.  The future is looking brighter each day.