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May 07, 2009

The Color Of Safety -- A New Car in Today's World

Who is in the market for buying a car today?  Well, believe it or not, my hand's in the air.  Seriously.  I've shared with you the many things happening at once in my life- a juggling act that you're probably familiar with in your life, too.  I'm adding getting caught in a flash flood and losing my car to that list.

My son and I were in the car when water started coming in.  The short version is that we got out of there and we were taken in by a group of guardian angels...in a Hummer H2- Who knew grace could come in an SUV?  I'm simply stunned and humbled by the entire experience.

The good news is that we are safe.  The hard news is that we've got to find a new car.  Something safe, spacious, and sleek with an interesting color choice would be perfect, of course.  In this economic climate, it may not be a terrible time to look for a car, but some car companies are also slowing production and decreasing the number of colors they offer. 

Just for fun, I've been looking at what colors are deemed popular across the globe. 

Dupont color chart cars Dupont color chart China

Dupont color chart India Dupont color chart Europe

For many years, Silver was the most popular color in the North America and over the last two years, it's changed to White.  According to DuPont, white may be a cleansing of the palette after seven years of silver and before another color becomes the new "it" hue. Though the popular colors are a basic achromatic palette of white, black, and gray/silver, they are integrating "effects" such as pearlized or iridescent finishes.

The new color everyone's watching?  Blues (midnights and deep sea blues) are sneaking ahead in 2009.  As I consider what color car should I get, any suggestions or ideas are welcome.


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Thank goodness you're all safe.

Last year, silver came back as the most popular car color, followed by black. So what color did you get for your new car, Sonu? Neutral colors seem to always lead when it comes to car colors. I wonder if there would be a time when non-neutrals go take the lead.

Thanks, Carrie! Yes, first and foremost, we're okay. It's amazing the things we all get through somehow.

OMG! I'm so glad you and the babe are ok. Scary!

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