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May 05, 2009

The Power of Energy

Warren buffett 09

I was at the Berkshire Hathaway shareholders meeting over the weekend.  Talk about colorful experiences!  The Qwest Center in Omaha is flooded with thousands of people on Saturday morning.  It's the only place where you can hear Warren Buffet (the man that Fortune recently called an Oracle) talk about economic futures, support Ronald McDonald House Charities by buying a teddy bear from Benjamin Moore, and grab a DQ Dilly Bar - all before 9am!

Since Mr. Buffet owns Benjamin Moore & Co., I was there to represent the company.  One of the most poignant quotes I collected from this event came from Charlie Munger, Buffet's right hand man.  Though he's a man of few words, when he speaks, he's right on. 

Mr. Munger said "If you have enough energy, you can solve a lot of other problems."  Now, I know he was talking about harnessing the power of alternative energy sources like the sun, but what a profound statement.  I know if I could gather enough energy myself, I could tackle all kinds of challenges.

BYD Electric Car

Along the same lines, I also saw the BYD (stands for Build Your Dreams) Electric car from China.  It's about $35,000 and they plan to be in production for US cars in two years.  One charge will get you from 0 to 60 for 250 miles!  When I asked what colors they were planning on for the car, they were a bit surprised that anyone would ask such a non-economic question.  But we all know that car colors are a sign of the times and can set the tone for color in many industries from Fashion to Interiors.  So far it's white, black, silver and a powder gray-blue that's beautiful.


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Hi Jenn, Of course, I just had to ask about the car before asking anything else. Neutral is often seen as safe and sometimes when new technology comes out, they forget that design and color can have just as much impact as the technology itself. A great example is the old cliche' now- iPod. There were lots of mp3 players well before iPod hit the market. But they did a few things differently like using color & design to distinguish not only their product, but even their advertising. I mean, how impactful was it when they came out with the U2 Red commercials and iPod? BYD has a great opportunity to be a trendsetter here in more ways than one- Here's to hoping they read this post and add a Green to their line...

Kim, thank you SO much for stopping by and saying hello at the show and here on the site. I hope you'll check back in and let me know how you're doing!

What a pleasure meeting you at this event! You're beautiful...and this blog...WOW! You've inspired me, thanks!

I love that you asked about the colors of the car. Why do you think they've only committed to such neutral colors? Do you think "green" cars should be available in at least one shade of green?

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