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12 posts from July 2009

July 30, 2009

A Director's Love Affair with Color


It's not often that a director, playwright, and screenwriter like John Patrick Shanley is profiled in the New York Times for something other than his keen ability to collect Oscars and other accolades for works like Moonstruck and Doubt.  But today is such a day.  Read all about his favorite color and how it's progressed with him throughout his episodes in life.


When I reflect on the phases of my life through color, it's like looking at a personalized rainbow.  The colors I'm mostly using now are mid tone hues that, for me, evoke a sense of discovery and wonder.  They're colors of comfort with a twist.  A few colors I'm using are Spa AF-435, Chestertown Buff HC-9, Raccoon Hollow 978, and Chambourd AF-645 (above).  What colors define you in your life today?

July 29, 2009

Colo[u]r Charts Lives On

In May 2008, Benjamin Moore sponsored Color Charts: Reinventing Color, 1950s to Today, an exhibit that could be called nothing less than phenomenal at the MoMA in NYC.  Talk about being ahead of the color curve!  I attended the opening gala and found myself simply in awe of the works by artistic giants like Ellsworth Kelly, Andy Warhol, and Frank Stella that celebrated Color.

Color chart

It's a show not to be missed!  Now they've added a "U" in color and it's hopped Across the Pond to the Tate Liverpool.  If work, leisure or both take you overseas this summer, it's worth the stopover before it closes on September 13.  If you can't quite get there this time, go to this link fora fabulous interactive exhibit that the MoMA still has up on the show.

Explore the saturated canvases and enlightening sculptures to discover your favorite modern color artist!

July 23, 2009

The Power of Color and the Written Word

I just saw the Mandela Day exhibit at Grand Central Terminal's Vanderbilt Hall.  The displays use several words that describe his life to make up a larger image of a word. It's a moving example of Mandela's life and also a great visual that got me thinking of design.

Mandela day  

Color combined with fonts, characters, words, and symbols can be a creative and personal way to make your space special.  I once created an abstract work on canvas using brilliant oranges and reds and on the top third of the canvas, I quoted a favorite poem that inspired the piece. 

This can be a great solo project for some introspection or it can become a family project with words inspired by every member's words (even the cat-- "meow").  It's also a great way to encourage your kids to learn the alphabet and paint their own stencils on a designated wall in their own rooms.  Also, if you've been searching for the right way to introduce some more color into your space, this is a fantastic way to do it in a unique way.  Think about each word and what color it inspires.  In fact, to get started, visit this site for a paint from Benjamin Moore called Ben.  Ben is all about self expression and color and on the site, you can play with your own ideas of how colors and words relate to one another.

Ben image

You can always try your hand at font stencils like these.  They're free and printable right at home.  If you're looking for something of a larger scale or very specific in font, etc. What Is Blik has prose decals you can customize, too.

What is blik


If you choose to make it a family event, consider displaying the words you come up with in a room where you all gather like a fireplace wall in a great room or on a wall in the breakfast room.  My words right now would be every color of the rainbow and include "adventure, petite, giggle, phew, explore, burp, discover, wow, and yummy" (obviously inspired by my little one!).  What colors and words describe you and your home?

July 21, 2009

I'm in NY right now and there's such a mystical beauty to the colors out here. This week I've seen polka dots popping up, animal prints covering everything, super high heels, and black and white fashion. And it's only Tuesday!

What do you see in your New York?

July 17, 2009

Go Northwest this Summer for Portland's Treasures

Portand shops

Cielo, Hive, and Moule boast vibrant and livable colors in Portland

In the mood for a little North by Northwest? Consider heading to Portland, Oregon where there’s no shortage of eye-popping color and high aesthetics. The City of Roses is coming up colorfully through its bustling metropolis of diverse neighborhoods. Renewal has been hot in Portland for so long that it’s practically synonymous with the city's name.


Rocket building 

The Pearl District is often likened to New York’s SoHo and is spotted with quaint cafés, converted LEED-certified housing, and spectacular examples of fashion and design. Pictured above is the Rocket buildingwhich stands out for it's sliding art panels and for being LEED Platinum certified.  When it comes to the shopping, there are a few not to miss: Cielo (18th and 19th century furnishings), Hive (ultra-contemporary design similar to Moss in New York), and Moulé (fashion & housewares).

Portland shops 2

The noteworthy NW23rd area is essentially a 10-block run of funky clothing-design shops—Galore, Idom—and some of the best bubble tea (Fat Straw). Mississippi is perhaps the latest strip to see revitalization, and it comes in the form of Meadow, a lovely salt shop (yes, salt), Flutter (gorgeous papers, knickknacks & vintage items), and Black Wagon (adorable toddler togs). Go to Sunlan to score a rare light bulb, or the Rebuilding Center for a vintage bathtub. Elsewhere, Canoe and Portland Modern are two worthwhile stops for contemporary and mid-century modern design, respectively. And sprinkled throughout are craftsman bungalows, foursquare cottages, and ground-up buildings with vibrantly painted exteriors, all seeming to say “Welcome to Portland!”