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September 30, 2009

Celebrating Natura

You know I'm always happy to share information about Natura with you because it's a paint that makes sense.  It has zero VOCs in any color, virtually no odor, dries in about an hour, and is durable & washable. 

If you live on the East Coast and are looking for some Fall Fun, you can experience Natura yourself over the next few weeks.  Natura will be on tour, stopping at these venues:

Natura plan view

Natura Tour Photography by Yvette Asusta-Lattoff

October 3-- 13th Annual Union Square Autumn Fair (Broadway between 17th and 23rd Streets)

This event is filled with over 200 opportunities to find new wares, restaurants, arts, crafts, and antiques and over 300 cultural and corporate experiences.

October 4-- Oktoberfest, New York City (Lexington between 42nd and 57th Streets)

Oktoberfest has its roots in an 1810 when King Ludwig I of Bavaria invited the public to attend his marriage to is beloved.  And you thought it was all about the German Lager?  You can celebrate in any way you like at this event that will surely be a feast for the senses.

October 9-11-- Natick Collection, Natick, Mass (1245 Worcester St Natick, MA 01760)

If you take the phrase "shop till you drop" seriously, you must know the Natick Collection.  It's the largest mall on the east coast.  Wow.  Between Oct. 9 and 11th, Natick will also be home to Natura and let's hope that some of those great stores like Neiman Marcus & Nordstrom will take note and choose Natura, too!

October 17-18-- Head of the Charles Regatta, Cambridge, Mass

Since 1965, rowers have come from everywhere to the banks of the Charles River to be a part of the world's largest regatta.  And those of us who don't row may go there to sample some of the excellent fare.  A girl can get hungry watching all that rowing!  This year, Natura will be there to whet everyone's appetite for a truly environmentally friendly painting option.

October 22-24-- Westfield Garden State Plaza (One Garden State Plaza Paramus, NJ 07652)

As they say, home is where the heart is.  Benjamin Moore's headquarters is in the Garden State and the celebration finale is in the very popular Garden State Plaza.

Natura kids play


Natura Paint

Natura Tour Photography by Yvette Asusta-Lattoff

Have you experienced Natura yourself?  Has it changed the way you think about paint and the environment?


September 29, 2009

Urban Archaeology Reveals Colorful New Tiles

What source do you go to when you're looking for contemporary new products and old world style at the same time?  It should be Urban Archaeology!  This gem has been featured in almost every trade magazine and is a designer's dream.  Whether you're looking for architectural pieces steeped in history like old world lighting or if you're in the market for a well curated collection of the hottest wall and floor tiles, Urban Archaeology is the place to go.  (They work with people everywhere, so you don't have to be in NY to access their treasures).  Here's a peak at some of what I found there.

p.s. The best part is the team of people there.  I had a chance to see their workshop where several people who have worked with them for years restore and reinvent the architectural remnants they source.  I was in awe of the meticulous effort put into every individual piece they produce.  (I think I'll post separately about this side of their business).  Plus, the company is still family owned and it's pure passion and vision that keep Urban Archaeology ahead of the curve.  Virtually visit Urban Archaeology here to fall for their gorgeous work yourself!

September 25, 2009

Character of the Color Green

Green is everywhere these days.  I mentioned in an earlier post that Cedar Green is the go-to Green for 2010.  If you're curious about how and where to use this hue that's fast becoming a neutral, watch the video below.

This one's for you, Piggy

Green has been important since the days of Cleopatra, when Egyptian women used malachite (the first known source of green pigment) as eyeshadow.  I suppose they were well ahead of their time! 
Here are three of my favorite greens.

HC-123 Kennebunkport Green

Kennebunkport Green HC-123

Cedar green 2034-40

Cedar Green 2034-40

Wales green 2028-50

Wales Green 2028-50

What's your favorite green? 

September 23, 2009

Wallpaper* and Ercol Raise Colorful Arch for London Design Festival

One of the exhibits I've been anticipating from the London Design Festival this year is the chair arch by Martino Gamper for Ercol and Wallpaper* magazine.  It's featured in the October issue of Wallpaper* that's out now. 

Back in 1877, the original chair arch concept came to fruition through the efforts of the Chair Manufacturers Association in England (Wycombe to be exact).  They organized 400 chairs in the form of an arch.  Building an arch to commemorate a special event or celebration has been a tradition in Great Britain for centuries, though chair arches began with this one in 1877 and only a few were ever designed and built.

Chair Arch Original

The mother of all chair arches in 1877 (source)

 According to the Wycombe District Council, "at the bottom were common Windsor and cane-seated chairs, rising with the ascent of the arch through drawing-room, lounge, library, reading, rocking and other seats, to the state chair of the Mayor, covered with red velvet and bearing the gilded crest of the borough."  The 2009 Chair Arch is a stark contradiction to the original in many ways. 

The original was built for the Queen with international flags posted along it's curve, huge in scale, hierarchical in design, and built to be seen (not touched).  Nonetheless, it was a cool idea that spurred chair arches in the following years.

Wallpaper chair arch sketch

Wallpaper chair arch assembly

Wallpaper chair arch v a. 3

The colorful chair arch of Martino Gamper invites interaction.  (source)

Gampers chair arch is sort of the opposite.  It's designed with human scale and interaction in mind, it's made of one chair design that may symbolize equality, and the only flag it's summoning is the rainbow flag.  Read along with Ercol's account of Martino's process on their blog.

What a difference 132 years can make.  Which one would you rather see in person?

Worth a Thousand Words

I had to share the view from my hotel room with you.  Some may say they're so over skylines.  I still think it can be incredible, full of vibrance and history.  A skyline is sort of a profile of a metropolis that tells tales of aspiration and journey.  I think of the vision it takes to imagine a city, every hand it took to build a city, and all the people who call it home.  What's your favorite city skyline?

New York Skyline

My pleasant surprise after a late night of travel