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February 22, 2010

Color of The Year 2010

One of the most popular questions I hear is "what's the hot color this year?".  For 2010, it's Cedar Green.  Cedar Green is a vibe filled green that offers flexibility in design. 

Cedar green 2034-40

Cedar Green 2034-40 

In modern interiors, it's fresh and acts as an ambassador of many important concepts in current design trends.  Cedar Green is fresh, uninhibited and reminds us of rebirth as we start a new decade.  The family of Green has become synonymous also with the ideas of environmentalism, preservation, and reuse which are all key design considerations today.  Also, Green is a color that promotes relaxation and balance because it is in the middle of the visible spectrum of light. 

The best way I can describe the quality of the color is through Van Gogh's Irises.  Remember that lovely Impressionist painting that is void of black and filled with colors that create vibrance?  Cedar Green is similar to the color of the leaves in the irises.  So, in many ways, Cedar Green is a classic hue that looks phenomenal with navy blues, buttery yellows, or cotton-inspired whites.


Van Gogh's Irises (Source) 

The key here is flexibility.  These days, we're being more selective on how we reinvent our spaces and where we invest both time and money.  Over the last few years, Green has become a neutral, meaning, it's a color that "goes" with many other colors.  Keep your bright orange pillows or your wine and chocolate rug.  Then, try adding a splash of Cedar Green to furniture, an accent wall, or a previously dull space to liven things up quickly without having to overhaul your entire home.  Here are a couple of rooms that used Cedar Green in very different styles. 

Mid Century Modern Green
Cedar Green in a Mid 21st Century Modern inspired room

Media Green
Cedar Green and Midnight Navy create a unique exclamation of pattern in an energetic space  


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How lovely! I think those personal associations to color are actually the most powerful, actually, Deirdre... Thanks for sharing that!

That looks great. I like that color of green, and it's similar to the green house that I grew up in.

Deirdre G

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