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March 26, 2010

Color of the Week: Purple Room Design

Sargeants room Flickr Visualtricks

Photo by Visualtricks

Trying to find a unique color for your home can be a challenge.  Filled with rich mystery and history, Purple is one such color to consider.  I suppose you could call Purple a color of royalty because, centuries ago, only the wealthy could afford it.  It took over 10,000 mollusks to create one gram of Tyrian Purple dye.  Purple was such a measure of status that some societies actually banned anyone but royalty and the most priviledged from wearing it!  Can you imagine such color control?? 

Vesta Show House Champagne Chic Interiors 
Photo and design by Champagne Chic Interior Design

The Purple bedroom above creates a high contrast monochromatic design with every tone of Purple you can imagine.  The dark plum drapery and trim accen the main lighter Purple with ease to accentuate the architectural details of the room.  Take a look at some other renditions of Purple below.  What room would you paint Purple?


Jamie Drake Eric Striffler
This wardrobe is a girl's dream room!  The palest versions of Lilac were partnered with cool Fucshia and fabulous lighting to make it all work.  Photo by Eric Striffler, Design by Jamie Drake 

Coco kelley Purple ceiling 
I love Coco+Kelley's comments on her photo above.  It's rare and memorable to see strong color on a ceiling like this.  Photo by Coco+Kelley 

Today, Purple is a gender neutral color that can still evoke that feeling of richness in a space.  This hue is called the color of creativity and works well for play rooms, dens, and rooms that are meant to feel unique.  Purple will often carry traits of both colors used to make it-- red and blue.  The resulting color is one of calm vitality. 
Benjamin Moore has hundreds of Purples to peruse.  Try some virtual painting using Personal Color Viewer to find the perfect Purple for you!


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Purple rooms are very lovely. I really like it when it combines with other colors sometimes it looks very elegant sometimes very lively.

Purple is definetly my favourite colour,you can create so many different looks and is great for a bedroom colour

I have to agree. Trying to find a unique colour for home can be a challenge and it is true that your inspiring pictures help us a little bit. This colour was for centuries a colour of royalty, but now in this modern world can be for everybody who likes her particularity.
Your inspiring pictures show us many possibilities how we can use this colour in our houses to make over them into better places. It depends on our taste if we will use this colour in modern and trendy home or in more elegant and classic place. Both of these possibilities will look great. Thank you for sharing.

Best regards,

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