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March 29, 2010

Signs of Spring Colors Freshen Up A Room

Those colorful signs of spring are showing up everywhere just as we're thinking about home redesign sprucing up our palette!  Rooms are getting the proper dose of color and simultaneously, we're bringing nature into our homes.  Fresh greens, subtle grays, bold pastels, and contrasting naturals are making this spring a bouquet of colors to behold.  Here are my inspirations and color combinations for spring.  What are your spring color plans?

Cannelle Vanille Basque 2009

Photo Copyright Aran Goyoaga 

 Spring Colors Green Neutral 2010 dollops 

I love the peak of such a perfect spring green popping out of the harsh and weathered stone.  The combination is also a nice example of accent color against a neutral palette.  What a statement!  Rather than pulling out the brightest green, though, I suggest using a hue with a hint of green to capture the shadow of color in the photo above.  You have to look at the actual paint color to see how beautiful a touch of color can be.

 Violet flowers_Mozambique Moments

Photo Copyright Mozambique Moments

Violet Tan Green 2010 dollops 

The idea of spring showers is captured so perfectly here.  The color is dusty yet fresh at the same time.  The context of color is beautiful here.  It's an unexpected combination of the earthy tan and green with the powdery lavender.  If you translate the colors to a room, use crystal and glass accents to mimic the prismatic effect of the raindrops

Blue jay 
Photo Copyright Nick Harris

Blue jay colors 2010 spring dollops

Blue Jays can bring the first signs of spring, visually helping us to shake off winters chill with a vibrant bed of feathers.  The blues are so powerful in this palette-- vibrant blue with a deep blue so dark it's almost black.  The combination is actually very classic for an interior.

Aran Goyoaga Eggs 
Photo Copyright Aran Goyoaga 

Blue green yellow bold pastels 2010 spring dollops

What could be more symbolic of spring color than this composition?  It's about gardens and enjoying a bit of sunlight in our palette.  The combination of colors is one of bold pastels with energy that's surprising.  This palette offers great colors that work well in a space that begs a unique but subtle color solution.

Miami Fruit 
Photo Copyright Sonu Mathew

Orange cream plum spring color 2010

I obsess a bit about food, I suppose.  It's full of colorful inspiration and brings colors that otherwise may never have met!  The striking composition of the contrasting coral and blackberry is softened by introducing a faint yellow that offers balance.  This is a good example of loosely taking color inspiration from a color muse.  Don't feel you have to match a color exactly, but do try to capture the spirit and mood of your inspiration!

Canelle Vanille Goat Cheese Radish Strawberry 
Photo Copyright Aran Goyoaga 

Berry neutral color spring 2010 dollops

A summer salad of strawberries, radish, and goat cheese brings lively color to the table.  I'm prone to bring out the blue based red in the radishes and let it be pronounced against a pair of warm naturally soothing grays.


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I definitely love the color selections that you've put together! I've been wanting to do a game room with these kind of spring colors. I think it will give the feel of relaxed fun to the room. I like the look of the blue jay inspired selection for a game room.

Great job! It must feel good to have designed a new house! It feels even better when the painting and everything is done accordingly.


If you’ve ever enjoyed watching a time-lapse video of something being built then you will understand what I mean when I say that taking pictures of your small bathroom remodelling project in their development can be great fun.

Hi Christine, Congrats on your hew house! It's wonderful & has so much potential. Your initial choices are good. The simple fact that you know what you like helps out! Stonington Gray HC-170 is a good neutral hue with a touch of gray. A couple of others that I think would work with your wood/stone in the kitchen: Gray Huskie 1473 and Wickham Gray HC-171. I think you can go gray all throughout the open area b/c you have loads of natural light coming in. Gray plays well with both blue and green accents, so get some great stemware or paintings to add touches of bold color, too. Also, take a look at this post for more Playful Grays, as I call them: http://tinyurl.com/2598owg

Correction to the above post - I meant stonington gray not stonehedge.

My husband and I just bought this house: http://listings.realtracs.com/MediaDisplay.aspx?ListingID=1334500. I really want to lighten up the paint color!! Especially in the kitchen and living room. I like grays, greens, and blues a lot, but I am struggling with what paint color to use in such a large space such as the living room. I really like wedgewood gray and I'm thinking about using that in the kitchen. Would it be too much to do the whole living room in gray too maybe (stonehedge gray) and using green accents? Would that be too much gray? I'm at lost. Thanks for your help!

Thanks, Carolyn! "Builder Brown" can be daunting! It's just nice enough to make you think you don't have to change it, but still doesn't help to give personality to your home. Can you share a little info about your style? I always say start with what you LOVE. Is there anything you absolutely love that offers a color palette to work from? A piece of art you've always admired or that you own, a rug, or even a great piece of jewelry. Or if you're completely starting fresh and want trend driven colors, that's another story all together. Feel free to comment back or hit "contact me" and share pics/more info!

I LOVE several of these color combinations (especially the spring green and Blue Jay ones)! I am looking for inspiration on how to turn my new 3000 sqaure ft. home filled with "builder brown" ceilings and walls into something that speaks to me! I am nervous about incorporating anything that lends itself to grey since I live near Seattle and see enough of that at certain times of the year, yet I still want something that strikes harmony with nature. My carpet, tile floor, leather furniture, walls and ceiling are all boring beige and lack any truly interesting qualities. My biggest concern is trying to take on all this space to help bring a sense of cohesiveness to my rooms without making them the same. I want to stand at the entryway and feel a connection between the living, dining and kit./family areas I can see. My neutral color palette is a nightmare! Can you guide me in the direction of a place to begin?

Hi Mary Anne, The great thing is that green is a neutral these days-- will go with many colors! First identify your actual green-- do you have the color name and number? Greens can be more yellow or more blue, so the nuance is important. The combination can look great with a plum for a high contrast punch. The red in the plum and the green will bounce and be sophisticated fun. Or try putting it with the right blue-- being a bathroom, a sea inspired blue will work nicely with green to give a soothing and fresh spa like feel. Lastly, if you want something understated that works, find accents that are in the green family but much darker and lighter than the green you have on the walls. I hope that's helpful!

Yes, I'm looking for advice. I have a bright green bathroom with beige tile and white fixtures. Any advice on shower curtain and towels will be appreciated.

The wall color green kind of evolved and now I'd like to keep it and decorate around it.

Thanks for any help.

Mary Anne

Lovely, lovely, lovely. Love them colors!

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