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June 11, 2010

500 Designer Color Favorites: Color Surprise!

What a journey!!  Thank you all for the thoughts you've shared on color as accent walls, romantic colors, colors for sunlit rooms, color you love, color you dream about, and even color on the ceiling. 

And here we are at the last of our series of color secrets from the pages of House Beautiful's new bookazine, 500 Paint Color Favorites.

  Cover House Beautiful Bookazine

Remember, you still have an opportunity to win a copy for your own colorful purposes just by sending in the answer(s) that I find most interesting to the question at the end of this post.  Please send in your response by 11:59pm EST, Sunday, June 13 to win!

So one last time...

Page 112.  House Beautiful asked Designer Gary McBournie and Designer Joel Woodard for their thoughts on original ways to step up a floor treatment with color and paint.  Take a look at their answers.

P112_DeepOcean Painted Floor_Gary McBournie
P113_DeepCaviarSillverLining_Joel Woodard 

Gary reveals his inner Pollock and Joel created a faux rug on the wood floors.  Should a floor be painted?  What is the most unexpected place you have seen paint and color make impact in a space?  

This is your last chance to win the 500 Favorite Paint Colors bookazine by House Beautiful.  It's full of so many more designer color secrets and I'd love to give a copy to you.  Just send in your opinion by 11:59pm on Sunday, June 13 for a chance to win!  Colorful creativity always count!!


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Yes, floors can be painted. Most interesting place I've seen paint is ceilings. Most people forget about them. I think they need to be tied into the room and should not always be left white. It can have an effect, or be the only pop of color, it can have stripes or a cool design. I love paint and are not afraid of color.

Oh, wow-- glad you found the blog, Joel-- The floor is GORGEOUS. It takes true vision to see the beauty of a bold idea like the one you share! Thanks for reading along... By default, I WILL send you a copy! :)

Hi. Thanks very much for including me on your blog. I had no idea my painted floor was in HB's new bookazine. Many thanks. Great blog! Joel

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