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June 07, 2010

500 Designer Favorite Colors: Sexy Paint Color

Color can inspire passion in any space.  Today, we discover which colors set the mood for an intimate gathering, a romantic evening, or just a welcome respite from a busy day.  House Beautiful's new bookazine, 500 Favorite Paint Colors is flying off the shelves and you can score your free copy by answering my color related question below by Wednesday June 9, at 8am EST.  The answer(s) I think are most interesting will win a copy of the bookazine!

Page 102 & 103.  House Beautiful asked several designers about colors that give a room "after-hours romance."  Here is what Designer Alex Papachristidis and Designer Barbara Westbrook had to say on the topic.

P102_GlenwoodBrown_Alex Papachristidis
P103_KendallCharcoal_Barbara Westbrook

Alex believes rich color puts you in a sensual mood and Barbara likes a deep color that allows light to sparkle against it.  What's your favorite romantic color and why?   


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Thanks to all of you for your diverse ideas when it comes to sensual color!
Lesli is my hero on this one since she actually found the time to create her own custom paint! Lesli, will you share Bergman Gray with me by email?? I'll be waiting in anticipation... ;)

And Wendy, you made me think of "sexy" in a new way. I actually am a big fan of the island lifestyle. It makes you more relaxed and allows you to enjoy life a bit. That IS sexy!

Your bookazines will be on their way soon! The next post will be up soon, so check back!

Ooooh this Glendwood Brown color....when i see such chocolate brown hues i feel like i'm cheating, because i'm a true zealot of pinks, but these browns are so yummy it almost feels like a child took some melted chocolate bars and put it all over the walls...and again, it will probably make some really nice combination with pink....would be one perfect candy interior...love it!

There are at least two Benjamin Moore colors that I have used over and over. Why...... because every time I see them on a wall I imagine myself being enveloped by the wall. Benjamin Moore™ 2175-30 Rust in a bedroom or a dining room is a little daring and a whole lot of sexy....and I guess I want a little of both whether it involves sleeping, eating or romance...or all of the above. Benjamin Moore™ HC-43 Tyler Taupe in a living room or a dining room makes me feel so Hollywood Glam....throw in some gold and black accents and ooh la la!

hmmm...with 3 kids and a crazy life, it is very hard to think "sexy" and "bed" in the same thought...but what does make me feel really cozy is having my bedroom be relaxing. calm. And pretty but not too girlie if that makes sense. I could not decide on a BM gray, so I ended up taking the 6 quarts I had been testing, mixed them together and the result was amazing. I named it "BERGMAN Gray" and it is a very calm, cool but not cold gray and what it enables me to do is have really bright fun energizing bedding...and accessories and yes, it is a bit sexy.

I think Coastal Paradise 655 is a very sexy, sensuous color that reminds me of a hot summer day, with the sun beating down on sunkissed skin, bare feet, endless smiles...the sound of waves colliding with sandy shores....heat, passion, joy...all wrapped up in Coastal Paradise. What could feel sexier than that?

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