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June 23, 2010

Darryl Carter: Demystifies Design For All

So many people think working with an interior designer is only about deep pockets, high brow ideas, and feeling like you live in a museum.  This may change your mind. 
Of course, interior designer Darryl Carter is no stranger to exclusive clients, impressive projects, and recognition for his great design work.  But have even one conversation with him and you'll find he is also a gracious host who doesn't use coasters, that he values friendships, and that has a smart sense of humor about...pretty much everything.   
Earlier this year, I shared my opinion about his book, The New Traditional and recently, he and I sat down to talk about the designer secrets and discoveries he reveals in its pages.  Not only did he share his thoughts, he literally shared his home with us.  It was such a treat to talk with Darryl and see how his life reflects his ideas on refined yet relaxed design.

Check back in on Friday as I post more videos from Darryl Carter's home.


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Hi Andrea, I have to tell you the best thing about Darryl is that he doesn't try hard at all. He's actually a very smart, honest, and endearing person. Of course, you're right-- Not everyone will be able to hire him! But his ideas do go across budgets and geography. Much of what he has in his own home is reclaimed furniture, objects from estate sales & flea markets that he has reinvented. I know I remember even in college finding a fabulous old chair that I rescued from a garage sale and repainted. I actually still use it in my office today. Darryl's approach is similar-- finding joy in simplicity, comfort in your environment, and creating great memories as you use it no matter what your pricepoint.

though Darryl is trying hard to be convincing with this "my designs are for everybody" concept, i just don't feel it is really so, because i might take his design tips & ideas and try them out in my place with my budget, but i don't think that my version which would mostly include IKEA and the like will be as lush & glamorous as his...it's like when u buy a gucci a dress or u buy a Gap dress...they might be of the same style and color and everything, but it just ain't the same....the quality, the fabric, the cut....u wil feel the knockoff right away....

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