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June 25, 2010

Darryl Carter: Tips On Picking Color Like A Design Pro

By the time we sat down to film the second interview, I felt like I was simply talking with an old friend who happens share my belief that design illuminates space.  Darryl Carter is very forthcoming about what works and what doesn't work in these short videos.  You'll be flipping rugs and looking for antique corbels once you hear his thoughts.
I took our conversation to heart.  Even as a designer, I struggled with the idea of "ruining" my dining table with signs of wear and tear.  My talk with Darryl and his book The New Traditional made me remember that imperfections are really what make for character. 
Over the weekend I smiled to myself as I saw a big group of our friends crowded around the dining table telling stories.  Change isn't easy, but often, it's worth it.  I didn't use a tablecloth or place settings, but I have to admit, I did put out coasters.  One step at a time, I suppose...
In what quirky ways do you design or find color for a space?


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Very nice. Picking a good color is so incredibly important, and yet lots of people really try and rush through it! Silly, silly people...

So happy to find your blog and these interviews of Darryl Carter. I had a chance to meet him yesterday at a book signing and included a link to your interviews in my post today. Also - it was so nice to see you had my blog on your list. I've added yours to mine as well. Best regards - Michele

Thanks for creating such a great series! I love it


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