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June 03, 2010

House Beautiful Shares 500 Designer Color Favorites

"What's the first color you see in the morning?"  "What color makes you happiest?"  "What color would you like to try, but are scared to?"  Prying questions like these from House Beautiful can help you to reveal your inner color courage and move along that project you've been stuck on!   Seven chapters help you explore colors families, colors by rooms, neutrals, room by mood, natural colors, bold colors, and problem solving with color. 

Cover House Beautiful Bookazine

House Beautiful has a new bookazine, 500 Favorite Paint Colors, available now for $9.99 at bookstores and news stands across the map!  To celebrate this bookazine that's being touted as the "Ultimate Paint Guide", I'm featuring some of my favorite pages over the next week and ask you to share your ideas and colors for multiple chances to win a free bookazine from yours truly!

Hey, I'm always game for any opportunity to share the gift of color with deserving colorphiles.  Full disclosure here (and shameless self promotion as is customary):  Check out my promo in the bookazine on page 85!  This Color Bible is full of rich color advice from top designers and guess what?  One company's colors are cited by these professionals more than any other.  Can you guess who?  Of course you can!  For those who know more...

In each post over the next week, I'll share with you a page from the bookazine and pose a related question to you.    The answer(s) I think are most interesting and are posted by 8am EST on Friday June 4, 2010 will win a copy of House Beautiful's 500 Favorite Paint Colors

Okay, here's the first installment. Here we go!

Page 22.  House Beautiful asked Designer Michael Ostrow's for the Best Blue.  Here's his answer:

P22_Dolphin'sCove_Michael Ostrow

Photos Courtesy of House Beautiful

Michael is known for Dolphin's Cove.  What color would you like to be known for? 

Remember, the most interesting answer wins a bookazine.  Get that Right Brain working to win your copy of House Beautiful's 500 Favorite Paint Colors!


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Thank this information . It useful for me

Hi Pat, please hit contact me on the blog and mail me some photos. Maybe our whold audience can help with this one. Sounds like a fun challenge!!

i meant pat, sorry!

@brenda, can you post a pic?!

I need to paint the exterior of the house its concrete
block with stucco overlay, faces northeast.
I live a few blocks off of the ocean and realy want a paint colors that you would find on a tropical island not overwhelming. I have light cream siding on the top of the house need help with tha bottom color not greys.

I would like to be known for being able to pick paint colors and go with them instead instead of procrastinating for over a year because I do not know what colors I want to paint the interior of my house! There has got to be a better way to choose paint than looking at color swatches because the color changes so much after I buy samples and paint them on my walls! I have been forbidden from using beige AGAIN and from buying another 30+ paint sample bottles! HELP PLEASE!!!

I think that I would like to be know for Black. I absolutly love black! It makes me relax,its comfortable, I have not met a color that it dosent compliment. might it be clothes or paint black is classy,calm,secretive,sexy,dark,serious,black can be fun.
Yes, I think I would like to be know for BLACK!!

You are all fabulous sports and I LOVE that you played along for the first pass at this colorful game!

@Ellice, your passion is obvious!
@Kelly, I've got to get you picking Benjamin Moore colors to transfer that love over to the paint brand I love most!
@Live In Full color, MY Favorite hue is Orange, so we're totally in sync (surprise, surprise!)
@Joy, I love your adventurous side and will always think of you as a beautiful orange,
@Stacy, your right brain got way on board with this answer and I had fun following your train of thought on Pink!

SO, surprise (and this WON'T happen every time, but...) you each get a copy of House Beautiful's 500 Favorite Paint Colors! I'll contact you each by email to get the details on where to ship.

THANKS AGAIN! AND THE NEXT QUESTION/POST IS LIVE!!! Check it out, tweet, share, and tell any stranger you can stop on the streets!

Pink might be considered a childish color that only makes a good combination with cinderella prints on walls and fluffy stuffy pillows on the sofa or a Yorkshire terrier which is as good as a pillow, and other similar decor in a room of a typical blond bimbo...well u get the idea...but the truth is that pink goes well with practically anything and anyone, if you choose the right tone...

The color that I live by is Coastal Fog 976. Paired with white trim and a "flavor of the month" accent, this color screams timeless, calm, flexible, and peaceful. A part of me would love to be thought of as a beautiful orange or plum color.

Color me Caramel Latte 2166-20!!!!

My favorite color is orange- so I used this color below the chair rail in my dining room (Crisp Khaki 234-another great color- is above it)

Love,love,love the 2 through all 4 seasons- great with seashells in summer, even better dressed in winter greenery around the holidays.

I have a bit of a reputation for being a purple-lover, so I would have to be known for purple!! Specifically, ICI Purple Granite. I read about it in a magazine a few years ago and had to wait a couple of months before it became available. And then when I went to the paint store to check it out, they didn't have a paint chip for it. But I forged ahead anyway and bought a quart to paint the guest bathroom. And I LOVE it!! It's dark and moody and can look grey or brown or purple, depending on the light. It's the perfect representation of my impulsive side :-)

Kelly @ DesignTies

currently my favorite color is Iced Marble 1578. it's cool, luxurious, and cheerful! paired with crisp white and black, it is just gorgeous!
i need this bookazine! at this moment i am sitting with two ben moore paint decks, and a three inch stack of color swatches, trying to design the most perfect color scheme! oh, pick me!

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