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June 21, 2010

iPhone and iPad Apps for Color Lovers

When the new iPhone came out (yes, I really, really want one), I started thinking about all the great Apps you can get for Apple devices.  Of course, I use Ben Color Capture constantly to try out new palettes, match colors or keep a record of pairings I like. And with its large screen (about 9.5" x 7.5") I covet the iPad for running programs that let you draw, paint, or even look at beautiful photographs in high resolution.  After looking at many, I've picked three of my favorites--they help get me inspired, give me fresh ideas, and get me excited about my next project!

Brushes App for iPhone

$4.99 iPhone  |  $7.99 iPad

Brushes is a fun powerful take on finger painting, with much, much more grown-up results!  Its developer, Steve Sprang, even created several New Yorker covers using this program (and on an iPhone--I can't wait to see what the guy will do with an iPad).  Basic controls let you pick your colors, textures, and styles.  The touch-sensitive screen turns your finger into a brush, and away you go.  You could even draw a room and figure out how you want it to look.  Eventually.  (Once you've mastered tic-tac-toe, you can move on to simple fruits.  Full-on rooms [and New Yorker covers] are further down the line . . . )

Color Splash App for iPhone

Color Splash
$1.99 iPhone  |  $1.99 iPad

The results you can get with Color Splash are really artistic.  First, you take a color photo (one of your own that you’ve imported) or one of theirs.  Then you de-saturate it (a fancy term for turning it into a black and white image).  Once that's done, you use your finger to "paint" in the areas you want brought back "to life", resulting in bits of color that really jump out at you.  It's a great way to see the impact just a little--or a whole lot--of color can have.  (You'll see for yourself the valuable lesson that less really is often more!)

Dream Home HD for iPhone

Dream Home HD
$1.99 iPhone  |  $0.99 iPad

Magazine hoarders and design fanatics alike are going to flip for this.  And all for 99 cents?!  The folks who created Dream Home for the iPad collected dozens of interiors shots from various magazines (plus they add more weekly), then catalogued them by Room Type, Style, and Color.  You can pass hours browsing through the selections, and file your favorites for later viewing.  Get inspiration and ideas for a new kitchen or bedroom--or even start planning your personal dream home make-over.  It's like tearing your favorite pics out of lots of mags--but without the mess.

I'd love to hear if you use an iPad and have a favorite App that really inspires you.  (Or even an iPhone or iPod Touch--there are really great ones that work for those, too). 


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