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June 01, 2010

Nestor's Nest: Bold Bedroom Color

Here's a personal question-- what color is your bedroom?  Today, mine is Spa AF-435 and I've loved it for a year, but am ready to move on. 

Some argue that it's the last room to think about.  Others would say everything should start there.  Who's right?  Who knows.  But one thing I know for sure-- Samantha Nestor's  bedroom got a well deserved facelift that left me wanting to move in!  In this, the last phase of the series, see how Interior Designer Christopher Coleman used smart and simple ideas like reuse, refinishing, and recoloring in this master bedroom.


Over time, I've become a fan of using deeper, saturated colors to envelope you in a master bedroom.  My light and airy bedroom has been restful over the last year as I was settling into my home, but I think it's time for me to go a little deeper, too.  What colors would you recommend for my master bedroom?


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Teal Ocean is a nice color, it looks like a family of turquoise. It match well with green.

I've long been planning to move out from my bedroom's color and try something new. I have a vintage pallet and I love how it refreshes me and cools me down every time I am in my room, but I want something new now. Thanks for inspiring me indeed.

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well, when people do their bedrooms it all depends on their lifestyle and their house...as for me, i live in an open-space studio with only kitched & bathroom separated from everyting else, so my bedroom is my living room and my office and my wardrobe and my everything, since there are no walls...so i had not only to think how to divide the whole place, but also how to accentuate the sleepy area...but of course, if you have a huge house or apartment, you do the public places first, because, well, you're not really going to invite your guests into your bedroom to have a cup of tea, right?

It's funny how so many people will leave their bedrooms for last when it's such an important room. I think there is a desire to get the "public" rooms together first, which I can also understand. I recently helped a couple choose colors for their master bedroom. It was completely transformed with new furniture and paint. Then came the line I hear so often, "why did we wait so long?" I try to remember that as I look at my tiny, uninspiring master bathroom that sits year after year waiting for attention!

I decided to my bedroom first, so I'd have one room to retreat to while I fix up the rest of my house. I chose a pink, but it's not at all Barbie like the commenter above me mentioned. The color makes me smile as soon as I walk into my room and feel calm and relaxed when I retire to bed for the evening. It's been 6 months and I am still in love with it.

Oh Sonu! I hope too. Right now i have more of a barbie bedroom with cold pink walls, a huge dark purple bed, dark-pink wardrobe, window curtains with both colors in it, a pink night stand and multi-colored rag (with orange, pink and green). Sounds pretty tasteless, but looks lovely for a blond girl i am =))), though sometimes i find it too lovely. I guess I overgrown it and ready to move on. Only if i had the time and the energy to do it all over, and make it a more "adult" bedroom...

@ Stacy- I hope you do the puple/dark pink- I'd love to see how it comes together! Please do share if you do!

@Color4Charlotte, a neutral is always a nice way to go, too. I think Samantha was ready for a punctuation of color in this room and wow, did it make a difference! Of course, color can come from any place, but it does make a difference to use a high quality paint like Benjamin Moore that will stand the test of time so your neutral can live on for years to come! (check out the difference: www.benjaminmoore.com/aura)

@Decorating Den, it's true that you can always find the right paint color to go with anything. If not off the shelf, there's always color matching, too! Did you know Benjamin Moore pioneered computer color matching back in the 80s (Max Headroom times)?

@ Alex, I love the way you describe it! I'm falling for tuquoise these days, too.
@Tenille- what a sophisticated combo with the wine bedding. Nice!

Before you choose your paint color, it's good to think about your bedding, area rug and artwork. If you have any of those items that you want to keep in the room, use those to coordinate your paint color. Otherwise if you're starting fresh, I recommend choosing your key design elements such as the bedding and area rug, and then choose your paint color... You'll save yourself a lot of time shopping around to match a paint color, when it's much easier to match your paint color to your key room decor items.

Somehow i find this color too cold for my taste. It feels a bit "frozen" to me. I'd go with purple mixed with dark pink all throughout the room and silver on trim. But again, to each its own.

Teal Ocean is a great color but it does limit the accessories you can use in your room. For clients I like to use unusual colors to make the room special. My room, oddly enough for a color specialist is very generic. It's Clair de Lune, and Centaur by Behr. I can use just about any bedding or accessory if I need a chance of atmosphere.

My bedroom is Benjamin Moore Flagstone and I looooooove it. It's so warm and comforting and looks so rich against our wine colored bedding.

Funny that's almost the EXACT color of my bedroom, it creates a very peaceful environment

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