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July 28, 2010

Color Added: Why Kitchens Crave Fun Color and The Best Paint

Just above the golden statue of Prometheus at Rockefeller Center, House Beautiful's Kitchen of the Year 2010 has been transformed into Bar 30.  I was the last speaker at the Kitchen last week as we wrapped up a whirlwind of excitement tied into the kitchen and deck designed by Jeff Lewis.

Here are some clips from my talk on Color, Paint, and Kitchens:

Natural Monochromatic Style

What's In That Colorant?  A Real Zero VOC Paint

Go For Color!

How to Select Color with Stainless Steel

Pick A Sheen, Any Sheen


Be bold with Color in a Kitchen.  There's usually relatively little wall space, so make the color really count!

Make sure all your finishes in the kitchen are highly durable and will stand the test of time, spaghetti sauce, and steam!  Use Aura Bath and Spa (low VOC) when you want a highly durable paint that will cover well, dry fast, and work in a kitchen in any color and sheen.

Use Natura in your dining rooms and seating areas around a kitchen for a Zero VOC solution that's available in ANY color.  Your Green Paint can be blue or yellow or red or...

If you're using monochromatic style to create a soothing atmosphere, remember to use contrast (darker/lighter) so it's not blah, but aaaahhh...

What are your best Kitchen Tips?  Learn more about Kitchen Of The Year here.



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Hello. First of all, thanks for sharing with us this awesome information. Definitely will read it again. Thanks for the time and keep up the good work.

What paint color would you recommend for a kitchen with honey oak cabinets and trims? The countertop is dark green/brown and the cream colored tiles for floors. Thank you for your help!

what is the blue/gray on the wall?

Thank you for your tips .

The colors you show are nice,

but I always wanted to have a country style kitchen cabinets. What color you would recommend?( I like the mat finish and vintage looks.)

Thank you

Hi Amelia! The red and yellow I referenced are Merlot Red 2006-10 and Golden Honey 297. In the kitchen try Aura Bath and Spa for a paint that's great for a wet area and will cover in a max of 2 coats!! Let me know how it turns out!

What are the two yellow and red colors called for the kitchen!? its exactly what i want my kitchen colors to be!

Thanks for the compliment, ladies! The dress is from my fave- Nordstrom's and the wrap-thingy on top, I bought on a trip to Finland from Hennes & Mauritz, aka H&M :)

Loved your dress!!!! Where did u get it?!

All great tips Sonu! My kitchen is painted in Benjamin Moore Cream Fleece- in my crazy house, I wanted a zen, calming kitchen color.

HB's KOTY is fantastic, even better in person! Wish I had run into you the night I was there- btw love what you wore for your presentation!

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