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July 09, 2010

Dining In Colorful Style All Year Long

Park Avenue in New York City is no stranger to beauty.  The restaurant by the same name evolves throughout the year with an intricate series of changes that recreates the interior to signal the changes in seasons. 

The team oat AvroKO designed the space around the concept of transformability.  They believe in the space creating a feeling of exploration and used Captain James Cook's travels as a guide to their designs. 

The frames around the perimeter have a series of seasonal panels that instantly change the texture of the space.  And all the coordinating details are devilishly perfect from the lighting to the menus.  One look at the photos below and you'll see the instant impact of mood through Color!

The idea of changing your space seasonally is so inspirational to me.  With a little planning, I can easily imagine cycling in and out of accessories, an accent wall, and even dish towels to usher in color that reflects my seasonal taste.

In fact, having a theme can help you create exploration in your own space.  I've always thought restaurants were great sources of inspiration for residential kitchens and dining rooms.  Park Avenue's approach gives us a fresh perspective on the idea.  

Park Ave Summer

Park Avenue Summer

Park Ave Autumn

Park Avenue Autumn

Park Ave Winter

Park Avenue Winter

Park Ave Spring

 Park Avenue Spring

Lighting, color, and details make a world of difference!  Does theme based design have to be seasonal?  Of course not!  Be brave and bold, design souls! 

I'm having visions of encouraging each member of the family to have a "design season" that reflects their tastes and choices.  Learn about famous designers or artists an theme your space around their style. Use seasonal design as an opportunity to grow your knowledge and feed your imagination. 

Feast For Your Eyes: Park Avenue Restaurant


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Wow, that is fantastic. Inspirational stuff with fresh ideas. I am agree with your point that restaurants are the great source of inspiration for beautiful interior design.

Fabulous, Nick! The seasonal flavors are a nice compliment to the design, don't you think? I had no idea about Ricky Gervais- how fun!

I dined here a couple of months ago - its an incredible space - the food is as fantastic as the decor. British Comedian, Ricky Gervais is a regular here..

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