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August 10, 2010

Designer's Favorite Colors Will Become Yours Too


If you haven't seen House Beautiful's 500 Favorite Paint Colors yet, here's Newell Turner's take on why you need this color bible.

Smart and savvy designers are sharing their fail-safe and favorite colors for you to pick up and bring your space to life.  Here are some of the manyBenjamin Moorecolors cited in the Bookazine.


Larry Laslo calls out Appalachian Brown 2115-10 when he says "Brown is the new neutral"


Jarret Hedborg says about Tangerine Dream 2012-30 "It ain't white, honey.  It's a wonderful, glowing Luis Barragan color, an orange that doesn't look silly"


Todd Klein loves the name and color of Come Sail Away 846 


Jeffrey Bilhuber says Van Deusen Blue HC-156 has "a lot of dignity"


Brad Ford likes Bright Yellow 2022-30 as a more relaxed yellowElephantpink_dollop

William Diamond tells you how to use "Elephant Pink 2087-70 and Benjamin Moore White to create a flattering warmth in any room" 


Steven Gambrell raves about Horizon 1478

Go out and get your copy before they're gone and get a head start on your fall makeover projects!

Find more about it here: House Beautiful's Bookazine 


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Hello. First of all, thanks for sharing with us this awesome information. Definitely will read it again. Thanks for the time and keep up the good work.

Hi Kristie! I've used the book as a starting point for a new perspective. You're totally right that a printed color will almost never be identical to the paint chip counterpart, though. Like you said, it's a great tool to understand how the color works in a space and why the designer loves it. Many times, clients are after a mood more than a specific color and the book is a good guide to creating the right tone! Have you considered creating your own book of colors that answer the various questions in the bookazine? I'd LOVE to hear your ideas on color, too! :)


Have you tried to use this book? Because of the book's inaccurate representations of the colors, I have found it to be quite frustrating! Every time I find a great color I want to try, I look in an actual fan deck and am disappointed at how different the color actually looks. It's a lovely little book, but not terribly helpful except for the fact that you do get designers' take on why they love specific colors.

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