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August 25, 2010

Dorm Style Redefined

These days, dorms are a combination of high-tech gadgets and low maintenance style.  Here are some fabulous ways dorms are being done today.  What does/did your dorm room look like?

Graffiti dorm 2

My Chibi Dorm Room :D

My Dorm Room

My Dorm, After

The above photos via here


photo via Lovely Undergrad

If you're inspired and want to start designing your own dorm room, go here to create a web-based 3-d rendering like the ones below of your dorm and actually buy all the accessories you choose.  You can customize it and start buying the accessories you can't start the semester without.





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That's a pretty nice 3D model of a room you have there at the end of the post. If you're gonna ask me how my dorm room would look like if I had one, I'd say that I wish I had a dorm room as cool as the first pic. That, or maybe a cleaner version of the one in the second pic. Gadgets galore!

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