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August 30, 2010

Living In Color Loves Lonny

Have you seen Lonny?  It's revolutionary.  It's only online.  It's one of the best shelter publications out there.  It's the new answer to my beloved Domino.  And I'm gabbing about it!

If you were as enamored with Domino's casual perfection and intimate style as I still am (present tense intentional) and mourned when they folded, you'll love love love Lonny (named for London New York), too.  Michelle Adams and Patrick Cline are the young face of publishing and the fresh perspective on what can be considered "good design".  A peek into Michelle's own home as photographed by Patrick Cline will give you great understanding of their youthful optimism.  Don't we all need more of that, anyway?

Michelle Adams 1

Michelle Adams 2 

Michelle Adams 4

All photos by Patrick Cline via here

Lonny is coming upon it's first anniversary this fall and I can't wait to see the celebration they're planning!  As a quick look back, here's how they've developed in the last year. 

Lonny Retrospective

All Photos via here

It just keeps getting better!  Perhaps that's because they "believe that good design and affordable design can coexist and that true inspiration can be found in the teeniest of homes or in the grandest of spaces."  Bravo, Lonny, Bravo! 

See what the NY Times has to say about this new dynamic duo here.  Wednesday's treat:  Callie Jenschke is on the cover of the current Lonny and she's sharing some new styles exclusively with me!

See you then!


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Hi Sharon and thanks for reading along! I hope your inspiration will turn into a fun project soon- maybe start with one room or your front door? I'm here to help if you need it!

Hi Sonu,
Thanks for this! It's amazing and it's ONLINE!
I love your blog! I am naturally not a blog reader but because of my love for color and design I find myself reading your blog over and over. I first came across it in Janurary 2010 during the 'New Year's Resolution' posts.
Thank you for the ispiration.
PS: I still haven't painted my house :-)

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