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August 10, 2010

Designer's Favorite Colors Will Become Yours Too


If you haven't seen House Beautiful's 500 Favorite Paint Colors yet, here's Newell Turner's take on why you need this color bible.

Smart and savvy designers are sharing their fail-safe and favorite colors for you to pick up and bring your space to life.  Here are some of the manyBenjamin Moorecolors cited in the Bookazine.


Larry Laslo calls out Appalachian Brown 2115-10 when he says "Brown is the new neutral"


Jarret Hedborg says about Tangerine Dream 2012-30 "It ain't white, honey.  It's a wonderful, glowing Luis Barragan color, an orange that doesn't look silly"


Todd Klein loves the name and color of Come Sail Away 846 


Jeffrey Bilhuber says Van Deusen Blue HC-156 has "a lot of dignity"


Brad Ford likes Bright Yellow 2022-30 as a more relaxed yellowElephantpink_dollop

William Diamond tells you how to use "Elephant Pink 2087-70 and Benjamin Moore White to create a flattering warmth in any room" 


Steven Gambrell raves about Horizon 1478

Go out and get your copy before they're gone and get a head start on your fall makeover projects!

Find more about it here: House Beautiful's Bookazine 

August 05, 2010

Design Your Style: Olioboard Moodboard App For Interior Decor

The days of weary eyed tiredness as you seek inspiration, papercuts from endless magazine cutouts, and being overwhelmed by design options have met their match.  Olioboard offers a Mood Board Creator App online that allows you to peruse, drag and drop, and even upload furniture, accessories, decorative elements, fabrics, artwork, or lighting into a virtual Mood Board.

Here's my first one (NOT my last).  These are elements of my dream office.  Olioboard's Mood Board Creator App helped me put it all together in a matter of minutes rather than days.  I always advise clients to tear or tag their favorite interior shots in magazines and sites to get creative juices flowing for color and design.  Olioboard has finally arrived to make the whole process simple, stylish, and available 24 hours a day.

Testing Mood Board Design 1 zoom

You can find art prints for $20 or a desk like the one above for $12k!  The variety of products lets everyone finddesign in their budget and style.

The only thing missing as far as I can see is paint!  There are a few uploaded colors on site-- a great start!  But, Olioboard, ask any designer and they'll tell you that you need a full offering of Color and Paint to complete any project. And of course, we designers love Benjamin Moore.  Okay, I'm a little biased, but still, Benjamin Moore does have a huge fan base!  Check out the Experts Exchange to see what I mean.

Here are my picks for color and paint that would complete my look in the office above.


These colors in Aura are just the refreshing palette I'm after right now for my office.  I'll have to work on getting that $12000 Cavour Desk by Carl Mollino from Hive Modern.

Here's how the board looks with my colors included:

Mood Board with Benjamin Moore Color 

Simple, but effective change!

There are lots of people creating Mood Boards on Olioboard.  A few of my favorites so far are:

Olioboard Lielca pastel colors 

leilca from Stockholm

Olioboard Charisantonio Eastern Eden Green Design

Interior Designer, Photographer, and Illustrator Charisantonio from the Phillipines

Olioboard bmoreguy Orange Retro Mood board 
 bmoreguy, an industrial design student at University of Cincinnati

Olioboard smacsporran rustic chic 
smacsporran, Co-founder of Olioboard and obviously a talented closet design addict! 

Olioboard Curator Outdoor Look Blue

Curator, an art curator and designer

Olioboard was created with Interior Designers in mind and thrives on community.  I can share my Mood Boards and comment on others member Mood Boards, too!  My id is Sonu (somehow, it wasn't taken yet!)  It also links you to the stores for each individual element so you can make your interior design dream a reality.

Find me on Olioboard and let's share some inspiration!

August 02, 2010

Mad Men, Old and New

Do I need a new addiction?  I may not have a choice--Mad Men is back.  Well, for me, it's new.  Everyone I know tells me I should watch, so I thought I'd give it a shot.  With a few hints from friends who are die hard fans on what's happening, I began my Mad Men journey.  Of course, as I started watching, I was fascinated by the interiors!  The agency has a new office, Don has moved into a small apartment in the West Village, and everyone seems a little bit more on edge. (Could it be they're drinking even more?)

The original, slightly Doris Day feeling of Sterling Cooper's light wood paneling, multicolor-pastel doors, and Rothko paintings has given way to something less consistent and, in some cases, very different.  I've taken some screen shots to compare the original season to episode one of season four.

Mad Men's Don Draper

Sterling Cooper from Season One . . .

Mad Men; Sterling Cooper Offices

Mad Men's Don Draper

Wide swaths of wood paneling, with alternating doors in pink, sea foam green, pale blue. 

Hummingbird 1271; Lake Victoria 668; Blue Hydrangea 2062-60

Mad Men, Don Draper's old office

Don's old office . . .

Mad Men's Roger Sterling and Roger Sterling in Don's new office

And new. It's brighter and the palette is more creamy and beige.

Mad Men; Roger Sterling and Don Draper

The change in Roger's office is even more dramatic--it's all in white.  (The old one looked much like Don's). Has he reformed?  Is he the new voice of purity and reason?  Doubt it, but it'll be fun to watch.  I like the way silver accents are used, and the different uses of texture--metal, plastic, marble, mirror--provide different levels of sheen, making it compelling and not just monochromatic.

Mad Men; Sterling Cooper reception area

Mad Men; Sterling Cooper reception area

The reception area uses accents--blue, red, and gold--in the fabric against a gray floor.  Overall, there's a lot more glass and light.  The off-white area rug on the white floor in the second office is a great way to subtly delineate space.  And the blue couches and aqua glass accents (lamp and, of course, an ashtray) are delicious.

Mad Men's Joan Harris

White Int. Rm

Calm OC-22; Feather Down OC-6; Misty Gray 2124-60

There's still a bit of the original palette in one hallway, with alternating panels of pastels.  And, of course, there's Joan, who, as I'm starting to understand, is as colorful (and curvaceous) as ever.

I'd love to know what you think of the new look. Do you think the new palette reflects the new season?

Official Mad Men website