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September 30, 2010

Interior Design In Downtown New York

Ghislaine Vinas is a force.  Her spirit bubbles over and is contagious when it comes to life and when it comes to design.  I met her and her lovely husband, Jaime, a while back at the Interior Design Magazine's Hall of Fame Gala.  Now, a Tribeca townhome she designed for long time client, Paige West, is featured in the current issue of Interior Design Magazine and even made the cover!  Go Ghislaine!  Cindy Allen, Editor in Chief of Interior Design Magazine, hosted a cocktail party sponsored by Benjamin Moore to celebrate the project.

The Invite is based on Lisa Ruyter's Oil on canvas at the featured home

Here are some photos I took at the apartment earlier tonight at the event held for a few hundred of Ghislaine's biggest supporters (myself included).

Some of my favorite moments in the house...and there were many more!

Lobby shot exterior 
Shot of the entrance Lobby from the exterior reveals two paint dipped chairs

Lobby Design 
The wallpaper in the lobby was designed by Ghislaine and her graphic designer husband, Jaime. Collaboration of beauty!  The chandelier?  It's made of Ping Pong balls. 

Arm Chair 
Another Jaime directed design-- the dining upholstery features photos of comfort foods that are so realistic, I almost grabbed that pickle.  

Sope Phang Raechel legakes Aaron three fingers 
Sope, Aaron, and Raechel are the genius painter trio behind 3 Fingers Painting.  They're standing in front of a shadow striping they did in a dramatic black.  For a real treat, take a look at the painstakingly perfect stripes they did below:

Guestroom 1a 
Guestroom 1 
These stripes really are as perfect as they look-- of course, they used Benjamin Moore to get the looks throughout the house!

Master bath ceiling 
The ceiling of the master bathroom is a gorgeous mural.  Can't you just imagine taking a bath and looking up to this splendor?

Cribs 1 

Kids room 2 
A shared room that is as much young at heart as it is all grown up with the mural art of Mark Mulroney.

Carl francine andrea sonu 
Interior Design Hall of Fame Inductees Carl D'Aquino and Francine Monaco with Andrea Magno from Benjamin Moore and me, Sonu

The party was in full effect.

China Wall 
A new way to display your china...by affixing them to the walls.

Lounge 2a 
A cozy view of one of the family lounge

Boys potty
 The little mens' potty

This shot doesn't do it justice, but this is the photograph on the dividing glass between the master bedroom and bath

The master closet.  No need for explanation.  Yum.

Guestroom 2 
The guest room is so inviting.  Andy Warhol adorns the windows.

Upper downer 

 Chainsaw bees 
Pipecleaner artwork by the little inhabitant, I assume, hung casually on the wall.  Obviously, creativity is alive and well in the next generation here.

The stairs are a hidden surprise.  They're industrial but still inviting.  I think it has to do with the mix of brick and the industrial white paint with the giant offset numerals in Orange!

Play area 
A play area with great big stripes that race around the perimeter of the space.

Ghislaine portrait 
A portrait of Ghislaine Vinas.  (All photos are by me)

Kudos to the woman behind bold color combinations, creative collaborations, and a vitality you just have to experience for yourself.  (Congratulations to Jaime, the man beside this amazing woman, too- their creative collaboration obviously reaches in many directions!)

Doesn't it just make you want to add an extra touch of humor, color, and joy to your space, too?

Ghislaine was also a winner of Benjamin Moore's 2010 HUE Awards.

Follow this to find Interior Design Magazine's official slideshow of the townhome.

Go here to see Ghislaine's site and here for more info on 3 Fingers Painting


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Wow these pictures look amazing. It looks like you guys know everything. So i thought i"d ask you about suspended ceiling or stretched ceilings. There is a company in New York called Plafond Group that specializes in stretched ceilings. Many of the pictures on their website have the same style as these. Those pictures can be viewed at www.eurostretchedceiling.com

The every part of the featured rooms look great. No doubt that they were created by the professionals.

Wow! I'm so amazed with the designs in this house. This interior is very artistic and one of a kind. The designer did a great work.

Such a wonderful display of interior design skill. Those designs are very innovative. I wish I could design my home like this.

Those are totally wonderful. I like the creativity and the liveliness of the designs.

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Great post! I like the design. This is exactly the house design, and house plan, that I want. Thanks for sharing.

I meant horizontal stripes. Doh.

I love the vertical stripes. I thought they were a trend 5 years ago, but I'm seeing them everywhere now. The new look is less monochrome and the stripes are thinner. I like the look. It's less Art Deco. More modern.

Colors make you feel emotion. Fun ,Happy,and Cheerful are just what your space makes me feel.

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