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October 13, 2010

Master Bedroom Makeover: A Customized Color and Pattern Story Part II

On Monday, I shared the beginnings of my Master Bedroom makeover project.  Three simple steps with a few moving parts-- Gorgeous bedding from DwellStudios and awesome paint and color from Benjamin Moore!  Some would say new color, new bedding...you're done.  I prefer to personalize it just a little bit more.  My design goal was to create a contemporary take on traditional Indian design. 

Here's what I did to give my room a touch of drama and even more color.

 Step Four: Personalize it in your own way and use what you have when you can.

Turquoise Smoke Color 

The color combination of my custom turquoise and Smoked Oyster on the walls, and White Blush on the ceiling set the stage.  To layer a touch of pattern into the design, I searched for a stencil pattern that would remind me of beautiful Indian sari fabrics.  For color, I used what I had sitting around.  I love re-purposing what I already have-- it's economical, it's not wasteful, and it actually is a great design trick.  Using a few of the same colors throughout your house in varying proportions helps to create that "flow" so many of us are after.  

So, the leftover Natura paint from my dining room project in Autumn Cover 2170-30, a bold orange, is used in the tiniest of proportions with a stencil, but adds that pop while tying in nicely to my other room.  For the stencil, I also used the custom turquoise from this room makeover in Aura (incredible coverage), a 2oz. Color Sample, and a little bit of Benjamin Moore's Pearlescent Tint Glaze!


It took me a while to find the perfect stencil pattern, but this one was worth waiting for.  You can see a glimpse of the color scheme I began to create here.  This stencil is known as a two layer stencil.  I brushed on Autumn Cover first, used a paper towel to dab on a bit of Benjamin Moore's Metallic Pearlescent Tint Glaze and let it dry.


After the first layer dried, I placed the patterned part of the stencil over it and added more of the Metallic Pearlescent Tint Glaze and a few colors on top to define the shapes in a fun color combination.  It's usually a good idea to try out the pattern and colors onto a spare sketch sheet, canvas,poster board, etc.

DSC_0214This picture shows how I reversed the effect, too.  Some with an Autumn Cover base, some with a Veil Cream base.  The variety worked for our space to add a little shimmer and surprise.

My palette:

Turquoise Smoke Color

Accent Colors

(Note that Veil Cream is a Pearlescent Tint- a glaze that is transluscent and adds shimmer when layered over and under other opaque colors)


BEFORE: A room that was comfortable, but boring for my taste.
Bedroom Before 1 

AFTER: A room that embraces color, texture, and pattern in a modern interpretation of Indian inspired design.
Bedroom After Dwell Benjamin Moore a

An overall view of the bed shows off those incredible peacocks!


I found this cool little pouf to add lots of color and texture into an otherwise boring corner in my room.  My little one loves just jumping all over it.

DSC_0206  DSC_0201 
The turquoise creates contrast against photos we framed with white matting.  Little handmade indian ornamental elephants hang from my doorknobs.  Elephants with trunks up and facing the door are meant to be good luck!

I specifically used the same pattern but in reverse color order over the two nightstands on my side and my husband's side to symbolize the balance we create together.

 DSC_0205  DSC_0464
Detail of a stencil & proof that everyone loves lounging in the DwellStudio bedding and soaking in the Benjamin Moore colors of the room!


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I was very pleased to find this site. I wanted to thank for your time for this wonderful blog!! I definitely enjoy every blog you got.

I just have to agree with it that the makeover was fabulous! I've never seen such comfy, relaxing and totally neat and sassy ambiance for room makeovers and I was greatly fascinated with this cause of influence.

Thanks for the comment, Anita! I'll keep coloring those walls in!

Julie, I found it at Royal Stencil Design- beautiful offerings on their site!

Some really great info here at your blog. Keep it coming!

Beautiful! Where did you find your stencil?

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