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October 11, 2010

Master Bedroom Makeover with DwellStudio and Benjamin Moore Part I

I've procrastinated on my makeover project.  How original.  The reality is that life seems to get in the way-- travel, family, work, friends, laundry...it feels never-ending sometimes and I admit that my own design projects are pushed to that forgotten back burner on occasion (read: every day).

But, I finally did it!  I finally created a new look for my Master Bedroom with a few very simple steps.  I paired gorgeous DwellStudio bedding and sultry (yes, sultry) Benjamin Moore paint and colors witha bit of my own brand of imagination.  The result?  A space that we feel is all grown up and offers a nod to the international influences in my family's life.

DwellStudio Box

Over the summer, I left you hanging-- what was in my DwellStudio box?  If you guessed Peacock in Citrine, you were right!  This pattern and color combination caught my eye-- the colors are an incredibly pronounced grouping of citrine, white, turquoise, and touches of range.  Ironically, I was looking for the right inspiration to bring in some of these colors into my bedroom already.  Color Kismet!

Peacock Citrine

Christiane Lemieux, founder of DwellStudio, and her team created the painterly effect of peacocks that I can only describe as exotic and invigorating!  I feel like my bed just became a work of art.

Before: The room was fine before.  Just fine.  Not extraordinary, not filled with emotion...just fine.  I received many compliments on the light green on my walls and I really did love my simple duvet cover in all earth tones.  But the problem was that there was no self expression, no passion, no emotion in the space.  So I set off to create a room that would be personal, dramatic, and unique as I believe all Master Bedrooms should be!

Bedroom Before 
Master bedroom just begging for some personality

There was no room for a headboard with a large window overhead.  Because the space is somewhat large and square, it left me feeling anonymous. 

The Design Concept: Create a modern and sexy interpretation of Indian design, integrating both old and new ideas.  Combine colors in an unexpected way that fills me with delight! 

The Solution: Develop a color scheme that is steeped in modernity with patterning that is a nod to the artistic beauty found in India. 

The Details: My jaw dropped when I saw this collection!  DwellStudio's Peacock pattern brought back memories of my childhood in India.  I have the most random memories, like my parent's friends who had pet peacocks.  As children, we would wait with anticipation for a radiant peacock feather to drop from their gorgeous coats and whoever was the luckiest and quickest to retrieve it would treasure the rare gift!

Bedroom After Dwell Benjamin Moore 2 
 DwellStudio Peacock Citrine DSC_0148 

Step One: Find the right Bedding and paint/colors for your wall.

Turquoise Smoke Color 

I worked with DwellStudio Peacock Bedding in Citrine and Benjamin Moore Paint (a little Natura, Aura, Metallic Glaze and a few Color Samples).  Use the bedding as inspiration if you're stumped, but remember everything does NOT have to match perfectly.  Also, try pulling out the least obvious colors for your walls and you'll be surprised at how well it works with the look.

 Bedroom Makeover Painting 1
Step Two: Decide if you want to do the project yourself or get some professional help.

I hired a contractor that friends recommended.  References are a must if you're hiring a painter.  Often, your local Benjamin Moore retailer can even offer some local painters they know.  A good painter will be willing to try new things, make you feel confident in your color and paint choices, and be a professional in every way from being courteous to cleaning up after themselves. 

In my case, this contractor was great!  There was just one problem.  He didn't use Benjamin Moore.  He didn't know what he was in for with me!  Because I knew I really needed a durable finish that would be self priming, use minimum paint, and be extremely easy to clean, I told him to use Aura.  He said he loves that Aura is self priming (saving him time), that it's low odor (low VOC), and the fact that he used less than a gallon for over 200 sf of a deep turquoise over a pale green.  I love that it's exactly as I imagined it.

 Step Three: Be experimental and follow your design vision

In my case, I decided to do what I call a Reverse Accent Wall.  Three of my four walls are in a deep, rich turquoise that I had custom mixed.  My last wall, behind the bed is wrapped in more of a richly hued neutral, Smoked Oyster 2109-40.  I had the contractor tape off at about 3' from the wall on either side so the Smoked Oyster would create an envelop of color around the bed.  My way of creating a visual niche.  (Side note:  They did think I was nuts to paint part of a wall in different colors, but were excited to see what the final design would reveal)  It started to come together nicely, but it wasn't quite complete.

Bedroom After Dwell Benjamin Moore 3 

Check in on Wednesday, when I show you how I decided to personalize the look and make it my own.


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Buildings come in a wide amount of shapes and functions, and have been adapted throughout history for a wide number of factors, from building materials available, to weather conditions, to land prices, ground conditions, specific uses and aesthetic reasons....

I like the way it turned out to be so cozy! The wall color really made a difference.

I love the idea of the smoked oyster wrapped around unto the other wall- it's great that you had the painter use Aura, once you use anything like Aura or Natura it is hard to use anything else. The fabrics definately work for your bed!

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