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November 11, 2010

Happy Chic: New Books from Jonathan Adler


The prolific and unflappably upbeat Jonathan Adler has just published two books on Happy Chic, his guides to using Colors and Accessories to perk up, add punch to, and positive-ize your decor--and your lifestyle.  The official book launch coincided with the unveiling of his newly re-vamped (and enlarged) store on Madison Avenue in New York.  Of course, the books, like the store, are filled with colorful moments together with a wealth of useful information presented in a fun and friendly way.


Even the guests at the book launch blended well with the new decor.  The hostesses for the party (left to right): Starrett Zenko, Celerie Kemble, and Rita Konig.  At right, colorful Jonathan Adler employee Ben Brougham, who helped decorate the man cave with its gingham and animal theme.   

J. A. tip: "Every room needs a dash of Hippie . . . and a dollop of Socialite."


Need a little something to perk up the bedroom?  How about these sheets in watermelon waves or a pink armchair with an embroidered banana pillow.  As you can see, there isn't a timid moment to be found in the shop.  It's totally infectious, too.  You feel happy being there.

J.A. tip: "Pure pink is too cloying; a hint of gray or lavender tempers the saccharine froth. Apply judiciously, lest you risk a slap-happy sugar rush . . ."


Afraid of using pattern?  Clearly, Adler has mastered the art of mixing and layering.  At left, a dining arrangement with no less than five patterns.  And it totally works!  The living room area on the right has three different scales of trellis pattern on the rug, couch and throw, topped by a bunch of contrasting pillows.

J.A. tip: "Mod up your sofa, bed, shelf, or window seat with color and pattern via granny-gone-wild needlepoint pillows."


Two takes on color.  At left: Another living area has a riot of blues on the couch, with a warm wood coffee table, variations of white vases, and red flowers.  So it's ultimately red, white, and blue--but here it looks so fresh and modern.  On the right is a dark and moody man cave, with tortoise shell lamps, ceramic animal horns, and a leather hippopotamus in the corner.  The shag rug and gingham-draped walls make the whole thing feel comfy and inviting.

Three Happy Color pairings:

Light Blue 2066-70, Mink 2112-10

Eccentric Lime 2027-30, Metallic Silver 2132-60

Outrageous Orange 2013-10, Old Navy 2063-10

J. A. tip: "Vanquish the vanilla. Bold colors will make you happy!"  It certainly works for him and his shop! 

J. A. tip: "I am a firm believer in neutrals to anchor bright pops of color; a neutral palette lets you go batty with hyperbolic hues and unapologetic pattern."


Packaging in the store is particularly nice.  Boxes and ribbons are bright and bold (plus they contain all sorts of goodies like animal ornaments or elephant salt and pepper shakers).  If you want to experience a little bit of the joy of color and pattern, visit one of Adler's stores or check him out online.  You can also get your own copies of the books on his site.

Jonathan Adler
1097 Madison Avenue (at 83rd Street)
New York, NY

link to book: http://www.jonathanadler.com/content.php?pageid=booktour

"Embrace chromatic exuberance through paint color, fabrics, pillows, and tchotchkes that are easily updated so your home can evolve happily and chicly with you."


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cool, fun, fresh and bright...love those watermelon sheet and, of course, the pink bedroom...but all in all, i don't see much difference from Ikea near my house...

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