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December 02, 2010

Interior Design Hall Of Fame Event

What a night-- 1100 amazing architects, interior designers, and patrons of the industry gathered at the historic ballroom at the Waldorf-Astoria in NYC tonight to celebrate the 26th annual Interior Design Magazine Hall Of Fame Inductees.  Editor in chief of Interior Design magazine, Cindy Allen, assembled a line up of recipients who are inspiring, well-deserved, and filled with vision into our future in design!

The ballroom at the Waldorf-Astoria in NYC

Mistress Of Ceremonies, Cindy Allen, kept the room buzzing

Cocktail Hour

The new inductees-- Neil Denari, Karim Rashid, Shigeru Ban, and Paige Rense Noland-- were eloquent, funny, and spoke with sincerity.  Here are some highlights and photos:

Hall of fame designers 
Image via Interior Design Magazine

Neil Denari shared with us that he announced his plan to be an architect to his 3rd grade class.  He is an architect, interior designer, educator, and author.  His work is organic and functional.  He spoke of creating structures that can contain the spirit of spaces, which I thought was a beautiful analogy.


Neil Denari via NMDA

Highline 23 1
Highline 23 in NYC

Endeavor 1
Endeavor Screening Room

Karim Rashid wore pink tonight and claims that he has requested pink in his wardrobe since childhood.  Interestingly, they had a photo showing Karim as a young boy wearing what else but a pink plaid jacket and shorts-- now that's color conviction.

We know Karim has designed over 3000 products and 50 interior projects, but did you know that it took him ten years to actually get an interiors job and that he has lost projects from the likes of M.A.C. cosmetics?  He said it so proudly and reminded us all that sometimes you have to lose so you can appreciate a win.  He also reminded everyone that design is in everything, every place, every experience.

Karim Rashid 

Karim Rashid accepting the award


Snap chair feek karim rashid

Snap Chair by Karim Rashid for Feek


Bobble Water Bottle Karim Rashid 

Bobble Water Bottle to filter tap water

Karim rashid restaurant 1

Karim rashid hotel

Karim rashid restaurant 2

All Karim Rashid images via Karim Rashid

Shigeru Ban is a giving man who happens to be an architect.  He spoke tonight of our responsibility as design professionals to give back and help those in need and not just those with big budgets.  His message was profound.  He has worked on many projects around the world using unique materials and ideas.  One of his current projects is in L'aquila, Italy, a town that is centered around music, but was devastated by an earthquake in 2009.  Shigeru Ban is working to create a temporary conert hall and part of tonight's proceeds will befefit this project.

Shigeru Ban

Shigeru Ban accepting his award
Laquila Italy Concert Hall Shigaru Ban

Rendering of temporary concert hall in L'aquila, Italy


Centre Pompidou Metz Shigaru Ban 
Centre Pompidou-Metz

Tokyo House Shigaru Ban 
Tokyo House overlooking park

Paige Rense was a powerhouse behind Architectural Digest from 1975-2010.  She is ever-quick witted, bold, and courageous as she was in her pioneering days behind the extraordinary shift and development of the magazine.  We saw Paige's video and received a glimpse of her strength, but it's ironic that she was had to leave the event due to illness.  Robert A.M. Stern was there to accept the award on her behalf.  In the video, Paige talked about her intimidating beginnings as editor at Arch Digest.  She said she set her goal at bringing in one great design professional to the publication, with the belief that others would follow.  Her message was to create manageable goals and to focus on what is in front of you.  Once you accomplish it, go on to the next goal... Simple and profound.

Paige Rense 
Paige speaks freely about her journeys in design and the love of her life, the late Kenneth Noland

Arch Digest 1979 
Architectural Digest 1979

Arch Digest 1981 
Architectural Digest 1981

Arch digest 2008 
Architectural Digest 2008

Overall, an inspiring night that held a captive audience of 1100 design professionals, including me.  Check out all the Hall of Fame inductees over the years here.  Who's your favorite?


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