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December 20, 2010

Quick Makeover For a Guest Bath

Getting ready for the holidays usually means there's a lot of running around every day!  We all get caught up in trying to get everything done, of course.  Well, if company's coming and you want to perk up your home with just one small design project, try something like this.  Add a touch of color, shimmer, and pattern to a powder room or guest bath to surprise your guests this holiday.

A neutral wall in a bathroom needs just a touch of color to bring in some personality.  Here, layering the metallic pearlescent Icy Mist PT-280 in a stripe and then in a stencil pattern over a base of Weimeraner AF-155 does the trick.

 Bathroom Before

While Benjamin Moore Aura Bath & Spa in Weimeraner AF-155 is lovely, a touch of color and customization is missing here.

Bathroom Stripe Prep 

Step 1:  Measure, level, and tape off two sides of a stripe.

Bathroom stripe 

Step 2:  Using any faux technique you prefer (sponge, rake, stipple, etc) or just a simple brushstroke, use a pearlescent glaze like Studio Finishes Pearlescent Metallic in Icy Mist PT-280

Stencil prep 

Step 3:  Using a gorgeous little stencil (this one is from Royal Design Studio) of your choice, tape it to overlap the stripe at the edge


Step 4: Use a stencil brush to apply a touch of Icy Mist to the stencil and remove, reposition, and repeat to create a random pattern of the stencils.  The only consistency is that they all stem from the stripe.  Get creative, turn the stencil upside down or "backwards".


Here, there's just one color used throughout, but it would render a totally different look if you overlap a combination of colors using the stencil

Tip:  The metallic is a pearlescent tint glaze.  This means it's translucent, not opaque.  The color underneath may come through a bit so it's perfect for a faux effect.  In this case, the tool of choice was a regular paint brush.  If you choose to create a stripe using pearlesent glaze like this, try and make sure your brush and your stripe are the same width.  If you want a 2" stripe, get a 2"brush so you can simply brush in one continuous motion and minimize the overlapping brush marks.

In a matter of an hour or so, you can have a great and customized look in a space.  Consider this type of a project for many types of "public areas" in your home like a hallway or foyer to add some fun this holiday.


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Hey the photo collection were so magnificent. I love the combination of colors. the choice of concept is well done. Thanks for sharing ideas about bathroom layout. I would be glad to have that pattern on mine too. Of all places at home. This the place this is where i most loved. The layout is well planned I really admire it most. Looking forward to view of this. smart post

What color is the wall? Not the accents, but the primary color?

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