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December 24, 2010

Gift Wrap Color Inspiration For Your Home

This holiday season, before you recycle all the piles of giftwrap, let's do a little color therapy.  Wrapping paper can be a great source for color and design inspiration.  A quick trip to your local stationary store may reveal even more hidden colorful treasures.

Here are some of my favorite gift wraps of the season.  I love that each is original and beautiful.  I even look at stationary throughout the year for both inspiration and to use as artwork.  A little wrapping paper in a beautiful frame can quickly become a work of art.  Keep in mind, many of these papers cost under $5 a sheet!

Paper source indian paper

A Peacock Fine Paper from Paper Source: I went to Paper Source recently and was mesmerized by this handpainted paper.  It's great for a special gift or to use as a part of custom cards, too.

Indian color combination

Purple lotus is an almost undetectable color in the details of this paper, but bringing it out anchors the whole arrangement of color. 

Enna snowflakes paper 

"Snowflakes" by Enna (Etsy):  This wrapping paper reveals more than the typical snowflake upon closer inspection.

Snowflake color inspiration

This combination of colors is contemporary but reminds me of mid 20th century style with the crisp Waterfall.  Wouldn't that color be dreamy on a ceiling?

Kates paperie 5 ornaments

Festive Ornaments by Kate's Paperie:  This paper really combines an unlikely cast of colors.  It's rich and fall-delicious

Ornament color inspiration 

I pulled out the most pronounced color (Twilight Magenta) and supported it with a contrasting couple including Caponata and Mosaic Glass.  Caponata is actually a deep, deep plum echoing the plum undertones of the Twilight Magenta.

Oscarandollie handblocked color

Hand Painted Paper (Etsy) by Oscar and Ollie is hand blocked and uses kraft paper as the ground.  I like it's simplicity and linear design.

Gift wrap color inspiration red green 

A fresh take on the tradition of red and green, Medici Malachite and Vibrant Blush play like jewels against the serious neutrality of Kangaroo.  I woud wrap an entire room in one of the bold colors, use neutral furnishings, and have loads of flowers and accessories incorporating all the colors.

What inspiration will you find in your piles of gift wrap this season?


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I am sure that if I will used them, they will add beauty to my gift. I think that would be very useful too if I am to use them as a wallpaper. They really are colorful.

Thanks everyone! I found some great inspiration under my own tree this year, too... ;)

@Patty, your colors seem quite bold and fun. I don't know your real preferences, but to change that eggplant to something that has a different mood, but still works with Hawthorne, consider a blue. Blue is unexpected in a dining room, but complements it at the same time. I like aspen skies 1656 in Aura Matte on the walls for this combo and perhaps use an off white like Seashell OC-120 in Aura Matte that's not too hued for the transition along the stair, etc. Good luck!

Great post and I love the unlikely colour schemes you've come up with from this process. I'm glad I'm not the only one who uses wrapping paper or fine art papers for inspiration. I've use it for years to come up with colour schemes in art. Lots of times bits and pieces of it even end up in the art in the form of collage.


My name is Patty and I need help picking colors for my home. The main floor of my house is app 1200 sq feet. From the foyer going clockwise I have a living room, entry way, kitchen and dining room. I have Hawthorne Yellow in my livingroom and family room, in my kitchen the color is a green (it is a pottery barn green but I cannot remember the name) My dining room is an eggplant color and have dark antique furniture in the diningroom.

Please suggest a color for my foyer and dining room. The walls on the stairs going up I would like to paint a white/cream that matches the hawthone yellow and the entry way. The dining room eggplant color is fun but has been there for 8 years and is faded and needs to be updated and there is a chair rail on the walls, The woodwork is brown, The tile in the entry way is light grey. House was built in 1989 and the prior owner decorated in pastels and tulips. All the wallpaper is gone now. How about a painting techniques for the entry way?

I hope you can help.

Thank you

The gift wrap themes are really fascinating. They look so cool and vibrant. I like almost everything that you have in your post - from the content, to the tips and to samples of gift wraps. They really look awesome. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about how to make the best out of it, though.

Wrapping paper pretty enough to frame!

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