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January 14, 2011

George Oliphant and Benjamin Moore Give Design Solutions To Those In Need

George oliphant lx tv george to rescue

Can you imagine your job involving design, helping deserving people, and having your own show to spread the word on your work? 

Meet George Oliphant...He's the namesake of the show George To The Rescue!  An Emmy Award winner, George is full of energy and excitement and has a great job with NBC.  His show, George To The Rescue, started out in New York, but is getting picked up by several NBC stations across the map. 

George and his crew receive thousands of requests from deserving people in need of design.  I had a little time to talk with George about one of his projects on site in Chicago.  It's just one example of how George and the show are literally changing people's lives.

This family has three special needs kids who were sharing one cramped room.  Working with a fun, efficient, and fabulous team, George renovates a garage into a sensory room and sleeping space for two autistic brothers and gives the third brother, a cancer survivor, a room of his own.  And on a personal note, we filmed this on a special day.  It was George's wedding anniversary and he was miles away working on this house.  I asked him if that was hard and he said it's challenging sometimes, but helping those in need is always worth it in the end.

Catch a glimpse into how George makes it all happen here.

If you're wondering what paint George used, it's Natura by Benjamin Moore-- the zero VOC paint that is zero VOC in any color.  Cleaning out our environments and starting fresh is great, and using environmentally responsible options to create beautiful and functional spaces is even better!  George was already using Benjamin Moore and when we found out about it, we struck up a great relationship with the team!

Besides George To the Rescue, George also has a segment on LX TV's (NBC in New York) Open House.  If you're in the area, tune in to George on Sundays at 8:30am, EST. 

This Sunday, George and Carl (from Benjamin Moore) will showcase a young couple's New York City apartment.  I picked the nature and sea inspired palette to help give the space youthful and energized personality that compliments how the homeowners live.  Let me know what you think!


Write to george@nbc.com if you want George to come rescue you or someone you love!

Learn more about LX TV"s Open House


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