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March 21, 2011

Greens Are Good for You

Jane Dagmi

With spring making its 2011 debut, my mind's on green.  Not just any kind of green.  But unmistakable kelly, lime, and sage greens.  As Dorothy Draper once wrote, "Although Mother Nature hasn't written a book, she is continually giving us visual proof of her know-how when it comes to color." 

Green always hovers at the top of my personal color ranking system.  I won't, however, call it my favorite color, because I am a Libra, prone to diplomacy and fickleness.  But, on a continual basis, green captures my attention and makes me happy. 



Sharon Taylor nursery: alifestylething.blogspot.com

Let's begin with kelly.  Kelly is glamorous, preppy, classic.  There is something about this emerald hue, in large or small doses, that just perks up my whole being.  And adding rain slicker yellow to the equation, is like getting an extra shot of espresso.  To tame the sensory jolt, allow for plenty of white space, and then a dark blue or black for giving it some weight.  Sharon Taylor bypassed gentle baby pastels when she designed this nursery.  Feeling extra playful with bold hues, she specified 6" painted ceiling stripes that're sure to keep an infant mesmerized for hours.  I venture to say that when this chic babe grows up to be a sophisticated schoolgirl, with some minor furnishing tweaks, the preppy palette shall survive. 


Glass: Marc Corbin inc.

 Green door: freshhomeblog.com

Kelly Green 2037-30, Sunburst 2023-40, Evening Sky 833




Living room: houseofturquoise.com

Lime is another shade in high esteem that makes for some very juicy décor.  With turquoise, and a room full of bamboo or wicker, the mood gets predictably tropical.  In this Caribbean-colored library, however, Diamond Baratta Design steer clear of the islands and have me craving a martini rather than a piña colada.  They do this by emphasizing the classic architecture with bright white paint, and by using fun hues on rather formal furnishings.  A Pucci-inspired rug, impressively scaled, raises the bar to a new level of chic.


Doors: houseofturquoise.com

 Fabric swatch: Sis Boom

Pear Green 2028-40, Pool Blue 2052-50, Mountain Peak White OC-121


Whereas kelly and lime make my heart race, sage energizes in a subtle and soothing way.  Sage is easy to live with, mellow and earthy--more like a trusted companion than a flashy new beau!  I like to keep the palette au natural with rich sable, taupe, and wheat.  Wholesome cream keeps the vibe fresh and airy.  Glints of gold or even silver make it magical.  For more pop, throw in some burnt orange found in an old kilim or vintage leather chair.


Kitchen: Art & Décoration

 Dining room: House Beautiful

Soothing Green 535, Golden Hills 262, Mayonnaise OC-85, Long Valley Birch 1021, Orange Parrot 2169-20


Lucky for me, I have kind and stylish friends across the globe who invite me to stay at their well-decorated homes.  In Seattle, Ted Kennedy Watson and Ted Sive always have a special room for me.  Watson, an award winning retailer and master of merchandising, adores green too.  The room was painted seven years ago and Watson says, "I still walk into that room and think how much I love it!"


Last week I bought a green watch. I haven't wanted or worn a watch in over 30 years but I saw this one and had to have it.  For me, I guess it's more a beautiful green wearable object than it is a timepiece.  Clearly, it's time for green.


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Jane-- What a breath of Spring Green...i'd say Pear 2028-40 you bring to this lovely blog of color! I look verrry forward to your insights & bits & bobs form your far reaching albums...I love your new watch. If you don't end up wearing it it will look fab & add a dash of 2037-30 to any vignette! And I reiterate...Jane is my fave-o-rite color.

You are so right. At first you might think, "What's gonna go with this?" but then you see that it is one of the most pleasantly versatile colors around. Send me a picture!

You have great taste and that guest room looks even 10 times better in person! Thanks for reading.

Georgian Green is a beautiful shade. On one hand it has a very sophisticated vibe and I can envision a formal living room, but I can also see it being successfully earthy too. Go green! P.S. Your blog is beautiful.

Wow, that's a great acid lime! And I'm sure you'll be making the most of that shade by hanging cool art on it. I'll be over soon for Margaritas. I love mine salted, please.

Thanks for responding and I am happy to make your e-acquaintance. I breezed through a couple of your paint videos -- FUN! I'm giving you a call next time I am in Seattle. I'd love to see some of your work in person.

I love blue too. Oh...the hard choices we must make! But as you can see, blue and green can be quite compatible. Let me know what you decide.

Judging from your artwork, you are in tune with the colors of nature. I think you are probably well suited for green. In fact, your pillows remind me of the sage palette.

Bold. Soothing. Bold. Soothing. Bold. Soothing. I've seen how you decorate, and you make delicious choices. Girl, you may choose calm colors, but you never choose boring!

Thanks Shellie...trying to show a little something for everyone. Muted greens don't announce themselves blatantly. They are more the strong, secure, and silent type.

Yes, I started this blog on a literal foot. But as I am sure you know Benjamin Moore is proud of its eco friendly paint. Here's a link to the different brands and their green promise. http://www.benjaminmoore.com/bmpsweb/portals/bmps.portal?_nfpb=true&_windowLabel=contentrenderer_1_3&contentrenderer_1_3_actionOverride=%2Fbm%2Fcms%2FContentRenderer%2FrenderContent&contentrenderer_1_3NodeUUID=%2FBEA+Repository%2F728028&_pageLabel=fh_findproducts

La La Laurie.
I think I could begin each blog with a Dorothy Draper quote! Glad you liked.

Love the freshness of green. Painted my living room Granny Smith Apple green about 2 years ago and I just keep adding pops of color. It goes with everything.

Love the rooms you've chosen to celebrate the color green. My favorite is the Ted Kennedy Watson and Ted Sive bedroom. It's just so cozy looking. My kind of room.

I love green...gives a natural feeling to a space...I've used BM Georgian Green in many places!

Nice palettes you've put together!

I've always had a blue and white kitchen, but in search of some fun, I painted one wall high-gloss Tequila Lime. It brightens up my tiny little space.

Jane, Thanks for the Dorothy Draper quote "Although Mother Nature hasn't written a book, she is continually giving us visual proof of her know-how when it comes to color." I think many clients have a negative pre-disposition about green..this blog posting is a good resource for inspiration and color examples....

I had decided on a blue pallet for painting my apartment , now may have to rethink...the green looked so great!

Oh, Oh, Oh....love the photos and this post. I may just have to "go green"!

Be still my turquoise and green loving heart!!!!!! Love these fresh ideas and the bold is a nice departure although the soothing calm colors at the end have beauty and a role as well.....LOVE!!!!

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