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August 15, 2011

COLOR LIFE--A Totally New Way to Explore Color

Lucianna Samu


Summer reading, DIY style, is all about dreaming and gaining inspiration for the next great design idea.  COLOR LIFE, an inspirational color and design magazine from Benjamin Moore, is now available for download to the most compact and convenient reading resource of them all -- the iPad or Android tablet.  So if your idea of a perfect summer vacation is measured by the ratio of books versus clothes packed you'll need to rework your excitement quotient accordingly.


It took me less than a minute to download the entire Color Life ezine onto my iPad.  Once I got the hang of how to flip though the pages and interact with the "interactiveness" of the high tech lay-out, I was lost in the Paint Box for hours.  Like a little kid whiling away the afternoon in a sand box, only I took my Paint box full of Benjamin Moore colors from room to room, I let my color imagination run wild clicking and exploring each orderly and refined collection of color.


There's something especially invigorating about seeing the diversity of each color come to life on-screen, and imagine the color, in the daylight and at night, in my own rooms.  There are a slew of unexpected colorful surprises worthy of emulating, peppered throughout the Color Life ezine. I got stuck for quite a time on the Blue page.  It was such fun to just click on a color, and measure my gut reaction to it without ever having to dirty a brush.  I was excited to find Majestic Blue 2051-40 featured amongst the beautiful collection of favorite blues.  I plan to use it here on the blog next week.  I'm sure it will look and feel as clear and saturated as I hope, now that I've sat on the bed and imagined this dreamy fireplace mantle and Majestic Blue walls surrounding me.  And the black and white accents the editors recommend; I've got that. Check back next week!


I'm working my way through the designer contributions.  Lots of sharing and designer insights and tips too, as told through the visuals of their their lovely rooms.  Reading each designer's considered opinion on color, learning about their particular approach to design, and grabbing a sneak peak of trends when offered up by trendsetters and tastemakers, is what a magazine experience is all about.  Clearly the editors at Color Life are committed to giving us a thought-provoking color experience we can learn from.


My practical contribution to this deceptively layered and rich design resource, is a DIY inspirational for a colorful front door project.  The how-to is all there, and so is a clever color planning guide to ensure your house is an unforgettable stand out.  The title is: The Neighbors Are Talking, and I suspect, the neighbors may soon be asking -- What are you reading on that iPad?  You can preview Color Life for yourself or download your subscription, by clicking here: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/benjamin-moore-co./id446840598?ls=1&mt=8.  Pass the word to your Facebook friends who are still getting packed for their summer vacation, or dreaming up a colorful re-design, they're sure to thank you for it.  And whatever you do, don't forget to click on Prickles!!

Stay colorful!


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Thanks, I'm going to have nightmares tonight.

Hi Becky. Looks like you're a pro on the cutting edge. Did you fall in love the blue selections too? Color Life will definitely be a valued resource for you to stay on top of color and kitchen design trends. Do you have the BenMoore color capture app? There are lots of special features just for pros you'll appreciate, and make it a snap for you to share your designing success stories with us here.

Thank you for sharing! I am a new iPad user, this tool will be a great addition!!

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