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August 04, 2011

Great Bedroom Colors

Lucianna Samu

It's probable that there are better things to dream about on a sultry August afternoon than bedroom walls that match the Mediterranean, or a bathroom painted the color of my riding instructor's Palomino horse.  Maybe cruising the Mediterranean or riding the Palomino horse.  Hopefully you are reading this post with one foot on the ground to keep your hammock rocking at your favorite summer spot.  You can thank me in September, then, for sparking your enthusiasm to plan a favorite bedroom color combination while you're surrounded by the inspiring palette of summer.


Put to a vote, the quintessential color of summer--yellow--probably ranks in the top three favorite bedroom colors.  With years of color consults behind me, I've figured out that most people feel pretty neutral about yellow, most especially an honest-to-goodness creamy yellow ochre tint, such as Weston Flax HC-5, or its more yellow neighbor, Hawthorne Yellow HC-4.  Neither will ever appear green, even in the most overcast or blue bias north-facing room.  I interchangeably call each of these yellows "Switzerland"--the most non-partisan of colors that most people feel good about and can agree on.

Hawthorne Yellow HC-4, Western Flax HC-5


I myself have no particular "always" color for the bedroom.  My husband prefers blue and I'm a green person, making my existing Hawthorne Yellow bedroom, pictured above, the default non-partisan color of compromise. Since I plan to sleep in this particular bedroom for a long time, I put an extra special amount of effort into figuring out a more exciting color compromise.  Choosing Deep Ocean 2058-30, a blue that leans ever so much toward green, but stops short of appearing the turquoise I would prefer, is a great example of how sometimes it's best to allow the space and not the occupants, to dictate the color choice.  Once again, I used my view to my color picking advantage as well.

Deep Ocean 2058-30

My first choice for my color change would have been Kendall Charcoal HC-166.  This saturated gray would be beautiful below the high ceiling, but I lacked the opportunity to add enough white, and the orangey pine floors would clash with charcoal gray.

Kendall Charcoal HC-166


This room faces due east--so gets lots of bluish morning light.  Purple would have been fabulous with in the morning light.  I'd choose a rich aubergine, like Dark Lilac 2070-30.  The floors would be so happy in the company of its purple complement.  Maybe some acid or apple green accents?  Be still my heart!  Giant white artwork and white linen drapes . . . I need to get a hold of myself; after all, I don't live alone.

Dark Lilac 2070-30, Feel the Energy 417, Candy Green 403

A richer, golden yellow, maybe Sun Kissed Yellow 2022-20, would be very luscious in this space and definitely more of a 'wow' than Hawthorne Yellow.  Brassy yellows too, some might call these the south of France yellows, soothe a morning exposure and are very beautiful for bedrooms with all-white or linen fabrics. 

Meadow View 383, Angels Trumpet 278, Sun Kissed 2022-20

So there you have it.  I re-considered all options and determined my bedroom wants to be blue.  Deep Ocean 2058-30 complements the river view, and loosely references a Revolutionary war era 'George Washington' blue.  It's a lot of color no doubt, but the high ceiling, fireplace surround, new bookshelves and large windows all provide me a spot for contrast or relief.  Think I'll add a little of both--a colorful texture to better define the fireplace, and an accent color, to reduce the high contrast of the white trim.  Think I'll be wanting to have some of Angels Trumpet 278 somewhere in the space, to lift the floor color. Lots to do, so send me any thoughts from your summer hideaway!


Stay colorful!


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Nice color, it worked well!

Marcia, maybe you'll change your mind about blue when you see it all done!

Thanks Kathie. Not a color I would normally think of for my bedroom color but boy does it work well.

pretty but blue is my least favorite color -

As a confirmed blue passionist, I applaud your choice.

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