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November 09, 2010

DASH NYC: Kim Kardashians Haute New Space and Colors

If you're in New York, you know that the hottest new opening is DASH NYC!  The scene at the opening event last week was a mob of design hungry patrons excited for the store to unveil itself.  The Kardashian sisters are officially a chain with stores in LA, MIA, and now, NYC.  In the Big Apple, they worked with Studios GO's Gregory Okshteyn to create a space that is bold and feminine.  Yes, I said bold AND feminine.  What better concept to describe the trio behind DASH?


Photos via Kim's Blog

I'm planning to catch up with Gregory on his adventures with DASH NYC in the next few months (and there WERE some dramatic moments!) but for now, here's what you want to know from me.  What they used to get that unmistakable look for DASH NYC!  The space is a contemporary expression in style that emphasizes contrast to focus on the merchandise in the store.  

Will this palette do the trick? 

 Colors DASH NYC

They made some smart choices with the paint, too.  Here's why.  

Aura Interior was used for the main walls of the store.  It's durable, low VOC, comes in any color, and covers in two coats.  Sold!  Oh, and it's easy easy easy for touch ups which I'm sure will be required after the occasional dressing room brawl or general reality-tv wear and tear.

The Studio Finishes Metallic Glaze creates an accent band at the top of the walls and in the entrance area over a base of Edgecomb Gray.  Changing sheen or adding a bit of shimmer with a metallic glaze is like using a good bronzer-- it adds a glow that makes your look come alive.  I've used metallic glaze with hand drawn floral patterns in tight spaces to add some punch and reflect light back into the space.
Meet the Fifth Wall-- your ceiling.  You can make some major statements by what you do with it and at DASH NYC, they used Benjamin Moore Ceiling Paint in Black on a stamped tin ceiling and on trim.  Go here for more ideas for ceilings.  Who says ceilings or trim always have to be white?  Not Kourtney, Kim, Khloe...or Gregory

In Kim's own words, they used Benjamin Moore's "amazing eco-friendly Aura paint in Violet Pearl for the walls, with a super-shiny black trim and pearlescent glaze! It’s so gorgeous!"  Thanks, Kim!

September 06, 2010

INSPIRATION: The Colors of the 1960s

The Vitra showroom in the Meatpacking District between Greenwich Village and Chelsea in New York is more than simply a furniture store, it's like a library of incredible design objects.  (They even sell miniature versions of classic chairs).  At the moment, on display are many examples of the famous 'S' chair by Verner Panton, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year.  To me, it looks fresh as ever and it got me thinking about how vibrant and unabashed colors were in the 1960s, so I got out some books, went online, and hunted for some color inspiration.

Vitra Panton Chair

Panton Chair by Verner Panton, 1960

The chair that started it all.  I love how simple and sleek the shape is, and how bold the colors look in the one-piece plastic.  It looks exciting even in white: imagine a row of them in a dining room with deep-red walls and black trim.  (For more information about Vitra, visit vitra.com.)

Pastil chair by Eero Aarnio and Tulip chair by Pierre Paulin

Left, Pastil chair by Eero Aarnio, 1968; Right, the Tulip chair by Pierre Paulin

Don't these two make some of our contemporary furniture look a little tame by comparison?  The chair on the left could be the start of an amazing child's room with a checkerboard floor and striped walls.  The armchair would look perfect in a den with blond wood floors, an off-white flokati on the floor, and pale blue walls.

Mondrian dress by YSL and Verushka in Emilio Pucci

Left: Mondrian Dress by YSL, 1965; Right, Verushka in Emilio Pucci, c. 1964

The era is probably best remembered for miniskirts and go-go boots, but I'll take a beautiful print by Emilio Pucci, like the one on the right, any day.  Look at that sophisticated mix of oranges, golds, reds, browns, and more!  Imagine a living room where each element was one of those colors--but somehow keeping it from going crazy (or maybe not?).  And on the left is a famous dress by Yves Saint Laurent, based on a Mondrian painting.  Just cream and white with red and yellow accents.

Marimekko Unikko and Kaivo by Maija Isola

Two prints by Maija Isola for Marimekko.  Left: Unikko; Right: Kaivo, both 1964

One of my favorite design companies is Marimekko, which is based in Finland.  Since 1951, Marimekko has been a pioneer of prints, bringing together folk traditions and contemporary graphics.  The print on the left is probably their most famous ever, and you can still buy fabric and housewares in the pattern.  (To have a look at their history and get some inspiration, visit their website at marimekko.fi/eng.)  I had a chance to visit Marimekko in Finland a few years back and seeing those iconic designs, colors, and patterns in the context of modern life was beautiful.  Looking back can give us such insight into the future!

1960s interior

OK, so not everything in the 1960s was so groovy and beautiful.  Sometimes there really can be too much color, or color used carelessly.  This room makes my head hurt!


Of course, you don't have to go overboard to capture the energy and flavor of the 1960s.  Simply add one or two of these iconic colors from the period.

September 01, 2010

Callie Jenschke Scouts Style For Lonny

Callie and I met when we worked on a project together a while back.  I was excited to learn that we not only share our passion for design and color, but we're also both Texas Ex's!  So when I saw Callie on the cover of Lonny, looking fabulous and full of life, I was especially thrilled to see the title: Lone Star Style in Central Park West.  Nice!

Callie Cover Lonny Mag

Callie is an accomplished stylist and is partner in Scout Design, based in New York City.  Her style sensibilities have been coveted and leveraged by Clodagh, Metropolitan Home, and Blueprint.  Here's her take on J. Crew and Lauren Moffatt style as translated in a home.  I've added some Benjamin Moore colors that work with the looks, too.  Basically, it becomes a style recipe for fall looks and colors you can't do without!

Lonny J Crew 1 
Lonny J Crew 2 



Lonny Lauren Moffatt 1 
 Lonny Lauren Moffatt 2

I caught up with Callie last week to find out which other designers she's into right now and what one design accessory would bring that flair into a home.


Dries Van Notten 

DVN Wisteria
Wisteria  World Map Plates add a little adventure to any meal



Isabel Marant has glittery style to offset her moody hues

Marant Jayson Home
These "wall flowers" add bursts of texture and glitz instantly 




Burberry Prorsum creates a feminine military style in perfect proportions

Burberry Prosrum Python Alvey
This Python sconce has lines as sleek as a stiletto


Does Fashion inspire you to dress your rooms?

 Resources: Lonny Magazine, Scout Design  

August 30, 2010

Living In Color Loves Lonny

Have you seen Lonny?  It's revolutionary.  It's only online.  It's one of the best shelter publications out there.  It's the new answer to my beloved Domino.  And I'm gabbing about it!

If you were as enamored with Domino's casual perfection and intimate style as I still am (present tense intentional) and mourned when they folded, you'll love love love Lonny (named for London New York), too.  Michelle Adams and Patrick Cline are the young face of publishing and the fresh perspective on what can be considered "good design".  A peek into Michelle's own home as photographed by Patrick Cline will give you great understanding of their youthful optimism.  Don't we all need more of that, anyway?

Michelle Adams 1

Michelle Adams 2 

Michelle Adams 4

All photos by Patrick Cline via here

Lonny is coming upon it's first anniversary this fall and I can't wait to see the celebration they're planning!  As a quick look back, here's how they've developed in the last year. 

Lonny Retrospective

All Photos via here

It just keeps getting better!  Perhaps that's because they "believe that good design and affordable design can coexist and that true inspiration can be found in the teeniest of homes or in the grandest of spaces."  Bravo, Lonny, Bravo! 

See what the NY Times has to say about this new dynamic duo here.  Wednesday's treat:  Callie Jenschke is on the cover of the current Lonny and she's sharing some new styles exclusively with me!

See you then!

July 07, 2010

Designer Interview: The Hable Sisters

Hable Sisters

Hable Construction Products

It's always exciting to meet people who are passionate about color so it was good to get the opportunity to meet the two sisters behind the striking and nature-inspired work of Hable Construction.  Susan Hable Smith (left) and Katharine Hable Sweeney (right), grew up in Texas and now operate their home textile business in New York, making fabric, pillows, totes, and accessories.  Katherine, who previously worked in marketing and sales at Polo Ralph Lauren and Kate Spade, is the business side of the team, creating a model that allows them to be their own bosses.  Susan, the creative director, studied fine art, finding inspiration along the way in her travels to Italy, Asia, and South America, as well as a 6-year stint in design in San Francisco.  She is also a color forecaster, so it was inspiring to hear what she does and where she gets her inspiration.

Garlic and Roses

"I know it sounds kind of 'typical', but I really always look to natural elements for my inspiration.  I divide my time between New York and Athens, Georgia, where I have a garden where I can grow things that I can look to for color inspiration--so it's not just Google-ing plants for colors!"  As an artist, Susan says there no time where her process turns off, and every moment is an opportunity.  At times it's more global, like seeing things when she travels, and at others, something right under her nose, like what someone's wearing walking down the street.  "My environment always informs me."

Hable Construction fabrics

In her color presentations, Susan uses everything from photographs by Rinne Allen (a Hable photographer and collaborator), food images, and even a few tattoos.

Hable posters first run 03/2010

The team has recently introduced a new medium to the mix--limited edition prints.  The first to quickly sell out were the metallics, which didn't surprise her.  "In your home, it's like glitter.  Metallics can make you feel kind of festive, and make you feel upbeat.  It's amazing what a little thing like that can do."  Her own go-to color?  Pink.  (Benjamin Moore Paisley Pink 1261, to be exact!)  "Pink is a color that makes me feel good.  Paisley Pink is my foolproof color.  My art looks great hanging on it.  It makes me happy.  Its like the glow of candlelight, but all the time."

Paisley Pink 1261 

Lucy in field

In the end, says Susan, it's all about making yourself feel good.  "Our colors are uplifting and happy--people need those simple pleasures in the home.  It's kind of like nail polish or lipstick, that quick fix, that Prozac for the spirit."

What's your go-to color that always makes you feel great?

Hable Construction