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June 11, 2010

500 Designer Color Favorites: Color Surprise!

What a journey!!  Thank you all for the thoughts you've shared on color as accent walls, romantic colors, colors for sunlit rooms, color you love, color you dream about, and even color on the ceiling. 

And here we are at the last of our series of color secrets from the pages of House Beautiful's new bookazine, 500 Paint Color Favorites.

  Cover House Beautiful Bookazine

Remember, you still have an opportunity to win a copy for your own colorful purposes just by sending in the answer(s) that I find most interesting to the question at the end of this post.  Please send in your response by 11:59pm EST, Sunday, June 13 to win!

So one last time...

Page 112.  House Beautiful asked Designer Gary McBournie and Designer Joel Woodard for their thoughts on original ways to step up a floor treatment with color and paint.  Take a look at their answers.

P112_DeepOcean Painted Floor_Gary McBournie
P113_DeepCaviarSillverLining_Joel Woodard 

Gary reveals his inner Pollock and Joel created a faux rug on the wood floors.  Should a floor be painted?  What is the most unexpected place you have seen paint and color make impact in a space?  

This is your last chance to win the 500 Favorite Paint Colors bookazine by House Beautiful.  It's full of so many more designer color secrets and I'd love to give a copy to you.  Just send in your opinion by 11:59pm on Sunday, June 13 for a chance to win!  Colorful creativity always count!!

June 04, 2010

500 Designer Favorite Colors: Just One Wall

Color exploration continues today with House Beautiful's new bookazine, 500 Favorite Paint Colors, available now for $9.99 at bookstores and news stands across the map!  Benjamin Moore's colors are everywhere in this great Color Bible, so read along for a few designer secrets.

Here's a peek into it's pages and a chance for you to win a copy yourself!  Answer(s) to my color question below that I think are most interesting will win a copy of this gorgeous publication.  All answers must be posted by 8am EST on Monday June 7, 2010!

Page 108.  House Beautiful asked Designer Amanda Kyser how she would treat just one wall.  Here's her answer:

P108_MerlotRed_Amanda Kyser

Amanda says the high-gloss red IS the artwork.  Do you believe accent walls work and what would you do to set it apart from the rest? 

Remember, the most interesting answer wins a bookazine.  You've got the weekend for this one, so poll your friends on your most clever answer and write in to win your copy of House Beautiful's 500 Favorite Paint Colors!

June 03, 2010

House Beautiful Shares 500 Designer Color Favorites

"What's the first color you see in the morning?"  "What color makes you happiest?"  "What color would you like to try, but are scared to?"  Prying questions like these from House Beautiful can help you to reveal your inner color courage and move along that project you've been stuck on!   Seven chapters help you explore colors families, colors by rooms, neutrals, room by mood, natural colors, bold colors, and problem solving with color. 

Cover House Beautiful Bookazine

House Beautiful has a new bookazine, 500 Favorite Paint Colors, available now for $9.99 at bookstores and news stands across the map!  To celebrate this bookazine that's being touted as the "Ultimate Paint Guide", I'm featuring some of my favorite pages over the next week and ask you to share your ideas and colors for multiple chances to win a free bookazine from yours truly!

Hey, I'm always game for any opportunity to share the gift of color with deserving colorphiles.  Full disclosure here (and shameless self promotion as is customary):  Check out my promo in the bookazine on page 85!  This Color Bible is full of rich color advice from top designers and guess what?  One company's colors are cited by these professionals more than any other.  Can you guess who?  Of course you can!  For those who know more...

In each post over the next week, I'll share with you a page from the bookazine and pose a related question to you.    The answer(s) I think are most interesting and are posted by 8am EST on Friday June 4, 2010 will win a copy of House Beautiful's 500 Favorite Paint Colors

Okay, here's the first installment. Here we go!

Page 22.  House Beautiful asked Designer Michael Ostrow's for the Best Blue.  Here's his answer:

P22_Dolphin'sCove_Michael Ostrow

Photos Courtesy of House Beautiful

Michael is known for Dolphin's Cove.  What color would you like to be known for? 

Remember, the most interesting answer wins a bookazine.  Get that Right Brain working to win your copy of House Beautiful's 500 Favorite Paint Colors!

January 19, 2010

Ten Giveaway Winners


Thanks again to all of you who have read along over the last two weeks of ten!  Remember that you can come back to ten anytime and feel free to share your favorite posts with your friends, too!

Here Are All Our Winners From Our Trivia Q&A For All Ten Posts

Have Fun with Interior Design Hall of Fame Inductee, Jamie Drake:   

Ellen won the book Gracie Mansion, autographed by Jamie.

Learn From the Past with International Antiques Expert, Judith Miller:    

Virginia won Judith's two books, Chairs and Miller's 20th Century Design

Get Organized with Pottery Barn Creative Director, Clay Ide: 

Katherine won $150 gift certificate to Pottery Barn

Improve Your Relationship with Celebrity Interior Designer, Kenneth Brown:

Cindi won Kenneth Brown Signature King Size Embroidered Sheets from his sold out QVC collection.

Exercise More with Fitness Trainer to The Stars, Ramona Braganza

Cindi won Ramona's 321 Baby Bulge Be Gone Fitness DVD and Andy won Ramona's Hot Hollywood Body, Level 1 Fitness DVD.

Be More Green and Save Green with Award Winning Production Designer, Kelly Van Patter:  

Cindi won a BlueQ 95% Recycled Shopping Tote and the book by our friends at www.treehuggers.com, Ready Set Green:  Eight Weeks to Modern Green Living

Learn More with Color Expert and Forecaster, Kate Smith

Melissa won the on-demand class, Color Confidence:  The Crash Course.

Spend More Time with Family and Friends with Entertaining Guru, Jenn Sbranti:  

Debbie won a Signature Cocktail Set that includes Wendy Sweetster's book, 500 Cocktails, 8 cocktail glasses, and mojito mix. .

Expand Your Horizons with Wine Educator and Consultant, Michael Green:

Ciarah won Living With Wine by Samantha Nestor and 2 tickets to Michael's Wine Down Events.

Give Back to Your Community in Your Own Way

Arlene won $100 from Kathy and me for her charity of choice, ShelterBox.  This gift becomes $150 because Benjamin Moore will match my portion of the donation. 

A gift of $500 from Benjamin Moore is awarded to DIFFA (Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS), who received the most number of votes in this category.

The ongoing Gift to everyone is the invaluable information we've gathered through ten from an amazing cadre of experts.  Color and Design are a part of everything in life and simply make it more beautiful.  Thanks to all our design experts for sharing their knowledge and thanks to all of you for joining us on the journey and keep reading along to see what comes next!

January 01, 2010

New Year's Resolutions and Their Design Solutions in 2010

Need a little help with your resolutions? 

What does Jamie Drake have to say about having fun?  What has Judith Miller learned about the past through antiques?  What does Halle Berry's trainer, Ramona Braganza, think about fitness?  What can Kenneth Brown do to help improve your relationship? 

These are just a few of our design experts.  Check out www.tendesigndays.com for the roster of experts ready to help you plan the new year!

Have you seen www.tendesigndays.com for the list of all of our experts and resolutions? 


New Years Resolution


The countdown of great New Year Resolutions starts Monday, January 4th!