August 15, 2011

    COLOR LIFE--A Totally New Way to Explore Color

    LUCIANNA SAMU. Summer reading, DIY style, is all about dreaming and gaining inspiration for the next great design idea. COLOR LIFE, an inspirational color and design magazine from Benjamin Moore, is now available for download to the most compact and convenient reading resource of them all -- the iPad or Android tablet. So if your idea of a perfect summer vacation is measured by the ratio of books versus clothes packed you'll need to rework your excitement quotient accordingly.  Read more...


    August 08, 2011

    Finding the Best Blues and Purples

    JANE DAGMI. Lately, I've been thinking a lot about decorating with blue. Inspired by a recent and joyful overdose of hydrangea plants along the California coast, I am loving many shades of blue represented in this bountiful flower from fresh French blue to a mellow heather hue and onto a vivacious violet. Riding a hydrangea blue high, I found a few beautiful rooms whose palettes reflect my state of mind.  Read more...


    August 04, 2011

    Great Bedroom Colors

    LUCIANNA SAMU. It's probable that there are better things to dream about on a sultry August afternoon than bedroom walls that match the Mediterranean, or a bathroom painted the color of my riding instructor's Palomino horse. Maybe cruising the Mediterranean or riding the Palomino horse. Hopefully you are reading this post with one foot on the ground to keep your hammock rocking at your favorite summer spot. You can thank me in September, then, for sparking your enthusiasm to plan a favorite bedroom color combination while you're surrounded by the inspiring palette of summer.  Read more...


    August 02, 2011

    A House Full of Cool Colors

    LUCIANNA SAMU. I heard a news story recently which proclaimed 85 percent of the U.S. population live in air-conditioned 'circumstances.' 'Circumstances,' is probably the operative word here, and my particular circumstance is not air-conditioned. While the debate in my house over whether the benefits of a constant breeze and fans is the equivalent of whole house climate control rages on, Grant Beige, HC-84 is adding a cooling and calming contrast to my side of the argument. Turns out it's indisputable; you can cool a room with a cool color and improve your circumstance dramatically while you are at it.  Read more...


    July 29, 2011

    A Quick and Lasting Faux Bois

    LUCIANNA SAMU. Avid thrift shoppers, garage sale hunters and curbside collectors alike have yet to put a crimp in the availability of solid wood finds worthy of up-cycling. I like that word, up-cycling--it has a certain poetic ring to it that blurs the fact that really what we're all doing is passing our discards around. Doors are probably my greatest obsession, and a solid cherry or, better yet, walnut door is a hard thing to find by the curb. So when they do turn up, I strap them onto the roof of my old Volvo and add them to my pile of "someday someone will need this beauty." Someday may come sooner than I thought for my tall pile of rescued wood furniture, thanks to the greatest invention an up-cycler could ever hope for--a reliable waterborne wood stain called Arborcoat.  Read more...