June 16, 2009

Color Combinations for Summer

Everything seems in bloom this month.  So just walking around the neighborhood gives me plenty of color ideas. In addition, I'm gathering some photos from vacations of summers past.

All summer, I'll be on the lookout for splashes of color in nature and sharing them with you.  If you come across any beautiful flora and fauna, please send it to me so I can share it with everyone.


Bali 702, Aplomb AF-625, Raspberry Ice 2072-70

Blue/Violet Floral Arrangement: Use Aplomb AF-625 on your walls as the main color that sets the tone for this vivid yet mystical bouquet.  Rather than using the obvious blue-violet, I picked up on the softness of the green in the leaves with color Bali 702 which can be used to create patterns with stencils over the Aplomb or even in accessories throughout the space.  You can find objects made of jade or sea glass to represent this color.  For trim and ceiling, try Raspberry Ice 2072-70 to create a sense of cool reserve.


Rustique AF-275, Anjou Pear AF-425, Soft Fern 2144-40

Rainforest Orchid: Anjou Pear AF-425 captures the vibrance of this orchid without being overstated.  It's a citric green and we all know green is the newest family of neutrals!  Try Rustique AF-275 as an accent area rather than an accent wall.  Here's what I mean:  measure to the center of your wall and mask off a large rectangle that's about two-thirds the size of the entire wall.  Paint just the rectangle in Rustique.  To add a little more interest, use Soft Fern 2144-40 to paint a simple one inch border around all edges of the rectangle and use the same color on the ceiling.  Bring Soft Fern into your furniture peices with saturated pops of Rustique and even try throwing some berry tones in like violet or emerald green.


Autumn Cover 2170-30, Melon Popsicle 2016-50, Florida Seashells 128

Fiery Tulips: This is one of my favorites simply because I feel so energized by tulips and the family of orange hues.  I like the warmth of the color Autumn Cover 2170-30 when it's paired with other warm colors like Florida Seashells and Melon Popsicle.  Adding a little unexpected punch with a bunch of fresh cut flowers in blues (such as hydrangeas) or greens (such as lime green chrysanthemums).


Sweet Caroline 478, Oystershell 864, Barberry 1244

Garden Fresh: This traditional arrangement of flowers inspires me to update it a bit with a contemporary combination of colors that compliment the look.  Sweet Caroline 478 is a soft green that captures the essence of a morning in the garden and can be wonderful as a color for the ceiling and accents.  Barberry 1244  makes a dramatic statement on the walls of any room.  The touch of Oystershell 864 as trim works especially well when you bring it into items like linens or rugs depending on the room.


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Bali Accommodation.

Bali Accommodation.

The colors you've mentioned look great! Since there seems to be a good discussion here, I might as well ask for some suggestions just like what Tina did. Which of these colors do you think is the best match for a living room with hardwood floors and a kitchen with white tiles?

I need help in finding a color for our great room. It is a large room with high ceilings and a lot of windows. It has a lot of sunlight. We have black leather couches and a light beige carpet. I was leaning toward a beige color but I am open to anything. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks

I have a small (13 x15) "be nice" room with a slanted vaulted ceiling, 11 ft. to 14 ft. It has a gold antique coach, a pale aqua chair and a red oak piano that will stay in the room. I have red glass collection in a dark walnut cupboard. I want to go with a travel theme. It is south facing with tall windows and white trim. I would like a neutral different than the off white it has now. The next room is a great room with black granite, white cupboards and brown, menswear furniture. I would like color that would not be abrupt change. Would I be better with the smae colors? Same color family? just and accent in the great room? What color should I paint the "be nice room?

Can you recemmend a grey brown for a bedroom that gets alot of sunlight. The room has high ceilings. Thanks for your help Cindy

Hi Kati! What a nice surprise for your mom-- Tucson Red is great. Not really knowing anything else about decor lighting etc in th house, I'll suggest Kangaroo AF-145. It has some warmth to it so it should be a nice neutral color with Tucson. Let me know how it turns out!

hi there im surprising my mom while shes gone to chicago and decided to paint her kitchen... her color she likes the most is called tucson red.. and trying to find a complentary color to go on another wall so theres so much red. any suggestions? the cabniets are oak with light counter tops. im thinking a more nueteral color to go on the wall but looking for suggestions! thanks kati

@CJ, thanks for writing in! Your home sounds lovely with the bursts of color! Each person's definition of relaxing (especially for a bedroom) can be so varied, so check out these colors as a starting point:
Aura in Wisteria AF-585 (grayed violet- very rich) or Aura in Guilford Green HC-116 (light-hearted green). Depending on what you're after for the hall (does it get lots of light/what are the other adjacent room colors) find a color that does what you want it to do. I actually like Aura in Hawthorne Yellow HC-4 (same color in your dining) b/c of it's vibrance. In the bath, as well, look at the color in context- what color are your fixtures, hardware, tile, etc? Is it a main bathroom (keep it neutral) or guest bath that's not used often (be bold in color).
Hope that's helpful!

For seven years, I've been in limbo about what color to paint our open-space living room/dining area/kitchen. The floors, cabinets, and trim are mid-toned oak that leans a little yellow. The adjoining hall and foyer are painted Yosemite Sand AC-4 (which I could change). The fireplace bricks have tones of gray, rust, peach, and brown. The furniture is white or neutral, so I really want some color on the now-white walls. Any advice? I think it's the brown woodwork that has me stymied. My taste leans to contemporary.

My husband and I have a 50+ year old New England cape. When we bought it we started adding color to each room...chili pepper in the kitchen...hawthorne yellow in the dining room...soft chinchilla in our bedroom. We are now experiencing the 7 year home owner itch, and we are refreshing rooms. We want to change the bedroom and are trying to decide between a nice green or maybe a relaxing purple hue. As it is a Cape Cod style house we want to stay in the New England theme and not go too contemporary, but definitely embrace color. Any suggestions? Also, any complimentary color recommendations for the adjacent bathroom and hallway would be appreciated

Trish, have you looked at OC-21, Winter White? Besides the perfect name for your project, the color is quite nice with Sidewalk Gray. Also, depending on your taste, if you want to try something bold, but classic, consider painting your doors and trim a super dark gray like Iron Mountain 2134-30. along with OC-21 on your main walls. It offers a sophisticated, European look. Good luck!

Hi Cris, Shaker Beige HC-45 is a color similar in intensity to Abdingdon Putty, but much warmer which should work with your red oak floors. For your other question about granite countertops, it's tricky b/c each slab has variation of content and color. If you can take a sample of the tile with you to pick out your stone, it's best. Look for something with a similar gold flex in it. You'll have to decide whether you want to go dark or not with stone, depending on your style. If you go dark with the stone, I recommend changing your cabinet colors to compliment it. If you stay lighter, chances are your stone will have some version of an off white rather than a pure white in the stone color. In that case, paint the cabinets in a color to work with the off whites because the existing white will contrast too much in combination with an off white. If you're looking for more of a pure white look, look at options like tile/silestone for countertops. The color can be more uniform and less patterned. Good luck!

I'm also looking for a good countertop color for kitchen. My floors are a neutral tile with a hint of gold to work with the red oak floors. I have white cabinets (willing to change the color) and I am looking to put granite in. Any suggestions of ideas to tie this together?

I have natural red oak floors and I am looking for a good tan to use? I have abdington putty HC -99 right now...but it's too green for these warm floors. Any suggestions?

We decided to remodel our cottage to a winter home. We went with an open concept. In our kitchen we have SS appliances and espresso cabinets and island, open dining room, and living room. Honey oak hardwood runs though out the home. In our main entrance we put a tie to match the flooring and the walls paint BM with a sidewalk grey 2133-60.I decided to go with Navajo white Oc 95 for the trim, doors etc. We started with Navajo white as a main color in the open concept area but I don't think is the right color to compliment the sidewalk grey. Our James Harding siding is a wheat cream. Our color chooses need some help.

I need some assistance with whites. I have a living room/dining room combo. My apartment was built in the late 30's and is modern for the time period - glass bricks around the doors, and a 12" boarder going around the ceiling (part of the ceiling is inset), and oak floors. I am looking for whites that go well together. Any suggestions for walls, ceiling and trim? I'm super confused at this point. My place has been prepped for a couple weeks now.... I can't make a decision.

My husband and I can't agree on the color to paint our old outdated oak kitchen cabinets. We have a small kitchen in a 1950's cottage type house which we have contemporized (our style is more contemporary). We have primarily stainless appliances. For the cabinets, I'd rather go with a white that coordinates with a new (yet to be determined) granite countertop; he prefers a very dark gray or taupe. He also says that we don't have to pay attention to the color of the old tile floor-kind of a peachy brown. Do you have any words of wisdom for us? We would definitely appreciate it...Thanks so much!

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