April 06, 2009

Colors of the Month: April


Buttered Yam AF-230, Raccoon Hollow 978, Rainforest Dew 2146-50

Retro-Active Color: These colors are a fantastic palette when you want something energetic with a twist of nostalgia.  The green undertone of Rainforest Dew complements the warm Buttered Yam.

Sitting room

Lake Placid 827, Suede Brown 2101-10, Ice Formation 973

Lakeside Retreat: A refreshing group of colors that offers a contemporary slant on the traditional blue and chocolate combination.  You can use this in any style of design.  Try Ice Formation on the ceiling to complete the look.


Peony 2079-30, Black Raspberry 2072-20, Prescott Green HC-140

Haute Color: I love to look to fashion for color inspiration. Berries are all the rage right now, so I'm into this raspberry & peony combination. It's bold and fun.


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Our panelled family room kitchen/dining room has a fieldstone fireplace with hearth across the end. We will not do anything to the light maple color panelling.....the ceiling is white.
I am considering painting the ceiling....but have no idea what color ....any suggestions ?

Hi Mary,
Cloud White 967 or Linen White 912 are great Whites for your crown molding. You may want to look at some of our historic colors for the tan/gold you're after. Try Sheraton Beige HC-57 and HC-92 Wheeling Neutral. Since your bedroom is a private space with separation from the rest, I'd suggest taking a cue from your duvet, furniture or rug and selecting the most minor color and using it on the walls- maybe a taupe, a yellow, or a blue. Hope that's helpful!

Have moved from the Midwest to Florida for a year now and need help fitting my traditional furniture into a very open layout with several trey ceilings throughout my home. The home was built six years ago with high ceilings and crown molding that is a darker tan than the wall color of tan. I want to lighten the crown molding to a shade of white and paint the walls a basic tan or gold color. The family room flows into the kitchen which flows into an open dining room that flows into the formal living room and entryway. Then there is the bedroom with a trey ceiling with a faux paint colors of copper and other metal tones - not my style.
Please help with any suggestions.

I am always looking for a nice green colors . I have used cucumber ,lady caroline , glade green & hc117. What are your suggestions for other color in approximately this shade for an elegant living room?


I like your colors. I recently purchased two turquoise chairs and wanted to incorporate them into my living room that I am redoing; however, I can see my dining room from my living room and it has a red wall. What colors can I use to make this all work?

Hi Sonu-
Congrats on your new website. I am an interior design student at F.I.T. and wanted to know what types of jobs are available with an emphasis in color.

Hi Jan, Thanks for letting me know- just hit Contact on the bottom left side of my main page & send me an email anytime!

I had a locker/storage system built in my mud room and wanted to paint it a green/grey trim color - not just the average cream trim color - any suggestions for the cabinet system and a coordinating color for the walls? Maybe even your raccoon hallow?

Hi.....I will send them, but I don't know where to send them.

Thanks Jan! Benjamin Moore takes color VERY seriously and realizes that color consistency is key when you're working on a specification. I'd love to see pictures of your showroom- please email them to me if you can!

Hello....as a professsional designer and bringing a showroom to life at the High Point Spring Market, I used colors; Cork, Robins Egg, Hampton Green and Desert Shadows in addition to some very chic wallpapers. The rooms looked fresh and young and never had to tweak/change even one selection. Thanks for always being "reliable color" Ben Moore.

Hello Vasso & thank you for writing! I've met our retailer in Greece, George Volonakis & I'm sure he'd love to meet you. You can find more information at http://www.bmm.gr/ Please continue to stay in touch with me, too!

Hi M, It sounds like you have a classic modern color base to start from. With the warm toned floor and the black, you've got a lot of contrast working already. You can punctuate the whole scene and make your sofa stand out with a great seaglass green like Etched Glass (626). Alternately, you can make the sofa seem more subdued by playing off of the charcoal colors and introducing a rich deep color like cinnamon slate 2113-40. I hope to hear & see what you decide!

Hi Kathy, I'd love to keep hearing from you on Eco-friendly finds- I'm sure everyone would! Have you seen Natura from Benjamin Moore? It's really quite amazing- zero voc's, virtually no odor, and available in ANY color. Even Black- I know b/c I tried it & it's beautiful as well as responsible. www.benjaminmoore.com/natura

Hi Bree, I looked into it and unfortunately, there are no Benjamin Moore distributors in Australia. I've always wanted to visit- maybe this is a good reason! Thanks for being a part of the blog, Bree.

Joy, You're so kind to ask! Minneapolis is such a great town & as you know, the Benjamin Moore retailer there,Hirshfields, is so fabulous. (www.hirshfields.com) I don't have plans to be there in the near future, but will blog about it if I do!

Hi Susan- wow, wood ceiling!? That tops my wonderous wood paneled room. From your post, I'm not sure if you love it or hate it, so I'll take a gander. If you love it, restaining may be a good option. Looking to paint, instead? Since it's a medium wood tone, the possibilities are broad when it comes to color choice. If you're looking to paint the ceiling, you can really have fun! Try burgundy rose (1280), caramel latte (2166-20), or dijon (193).

Thanks, Marci! Yes, the Affinity Color Collection is a group of 144 new colors for Benjamin Moore. You can find it at select retailers across North America. The colors are harmonious- this means the colors all work together creating a collection of interchangeable colors! Here's a trick to try: turn the fan deck upside down so you're looking at the back of the chips. Select any three colors and flip it over- about 9 out of 10 times, you'll find a combination that works. Of course, as a designer, I always reserve the right to dislike the combination at least once!

I have discovered your new site and just love it.

I need help with a room that has a black tansitional leather sofa. (more mod than traditional), It has light warm oak floors and two chairs in an animal motif fabric with deep mustard rusty chenille and black with a washed black frame. Adjacent is my travertine marble dining table with neutrals and a little charcoal color.

Any advice you can give wouyld be helpful.

I will forward to hearing from anyone who has an idea,

Thank you

I love the peony and raspberry! Very fresh!
Are you coming back to Minneapolis at all? I miss your presentations. They are always the highlight of the year!

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