May 11, 2009

Three Palettes for May


Currant Red 1323, Lancaster Whitewash HC-174, French Beret 1610
The Classic: This combination, by New York designers Mark Haldeman and James Aguiar, is a classic and international at the same time.  May is Asian Pacific American Heritage Month and this interior celebrates Chinese influence on western design.  French Beret is more complex than a standard black and adds such nuance to the combination.  It's also your answer when you're looking for the perfect red- rich and vibrant without being garish.

Newburg Green HC-158, Shades of Spring 537, Anjou Pear AF-425, Fiji AF-525
Gathering Green: Just what we need to usher in Spring!  These colors play off one another in an unexpected tango that's inspired by beautiful Italian plate I found on Etsy.  It's literally the only one available.  The Newburg Green is a great color to paint chair legs or a stair railing.  Shades of Spring will dress any wall beautifully with an Anjou Pear ceiling.  Use a combination of Fiji and Anjou Pear in upholstery and fabric accents.  If you're inspired, click on the image to link.


Skyscraper 765

Sparkling Sun 2020-30, Rockies Brown 2107-30, Little Piggy 2008-60, Key Lime 2031-50, Exotic Fuchsia 2074-50, Red Tulip 2000-30
Candy Stripes: This combination is bold, ethereal, and balanced.  The colors just vibrate against one another and makes for a fun way to dress up a foyer or niche at home.  Play with the accenting colors of the stripes against the pale blue of Skyscraper by adding in a color to the mix that reflects your interior.  For example, replace the Rockies Brown with a color that coordinates with the woodwork in your home or try any green you love instead of the Key Lime green.


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Hi Mary and thaks for visiting the site! I do have to share first, though, that I am with Benjamin Moore. They are the paint and color choice of countless design/paint pros and many savvy homeowners because of a long standing commitment to high quality and beauty. I'd love for you to switch, of course. So, let me know if I can help you in finding the right combination of great colors and paint. All the best!

P.S. By contrast, also LOVE the gathering green color selections!

Hi Sonu!
Loved seeing your videos from kitchen of the year and am a new huge fan of your site. Have been looking for weeks for color help on the web and yours is the best by far!Already firm believer and user of sherwin williams. Recently painted bedroom using blueberry in the scheme! Currently re-doing kitchen. Have already selected black galaxy grantie countertops and re-paint of oak cabinets into an light, off-white(color not selected yet), and gunstock wood floors. Kitchen is separated from family room, which is sage greenish furniture pieces, limited mauvish/light burgandish(like Sherwin Williams 1273 prom dress plus lighter and darker tones/shades) accent in textiles and Sherwin Williams brandy cream walls. Rest of first floor is mostly shades of green and navy blue with same accents including lots of ivory/off white.Kitchen has large slider and double box window. Morning light..bright. 18'x9' room with eat-in area. Will purchase new table and seating for 4-6), island coming out, and current washer/dryer closet will be turned into desk area. Current colors-light yellow walls and cobalt blue/white accents. Ughh.. 1990s. Am intrigued by red/green color palette,and liked the vintage claret from your video. We have one big wall at end of kitchen with no cabinets-just blank wall. Could you suggest color usage for entire kitchen? base color, good off-white or similar neutral for cabinets and a green and how to use them? Don't want to have jarring color change from rest of house like before with yellow. Not afraid of color, but don't like a tuscan dark kitchen. Again, lots of light in kitchen! Window treatments will be decorative only, no fabric selected yet. Thanks for any help you can provide!
Mary in Virginia

Hi Kathryn, I love the color Bavarian Cream 2146-70 for it's richness. It will look great with your other colors, offering more contrast against the elephant tusk and a subtle compliment to Spanish White. Good luck- let me know what you do!

I have spanish white for walls and elephant tusk for the kitchen. I need to paint the border and crown molding..white ..what whit would you recommend

What color white do you suggest for crown molding living room

hello there i love your letter on colour i need help i am looking for the right colour brown for my teenages bedroom girlroom it is a big room want to pull in blue-green or is there a other colour you could send. pls list the no# of the print and name help help thank you marilyn waiting on your reply.

Hey Sonu!

Love the site. I think this section is one of my favorites. Love to see the color combo's. I must admit I due prefer the warmer colors. However, somtimes I'm surprised at what I like. I really like the first two combo's for this month. I was surprised I liked the "Gathering Green". But - Hey - Isn't what this site is all about! Exploring color!

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