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July 26, 2010

House Beautiful Tells All About Kitchen Of The Year

I'm still coming off my Kitchen of The Year Dream Cloud this week.  The kitchen itself sits where the New York City Christmas Tree usually sits at Rockefeller Center.  It boasts so many great gadgets and finishes that Jeff Lewis, house flipper extraordinaire from Bravo's "Flipping Out", integrated into his design.  I especially love the 1000 square foot deck that surrounds the kitchen.  Here's a short video with House Beautiful's Editor In Chief on his thoughts on the design of this year's kitchen and how kitchen color trends are evolving.

I have my own thoughts (of course) on kitchens and color.  In fact, I shared my ideas at the Kitchen of The Year on Friday to a fantastic audience of people from around the world!  We captured the talk on film and I'll share it with you here in the next couple of days.  So start to dream about your ideal kitchen and let's chat about what colors would be perfect soon!

March 02, 2010

Free Designer Furniture That Needs A Home

House Beautiful Magazine March 2010

The March Issue of House Beautiful is "All About Blue".  Blue's a fantastic color to decorate with whether you use a dash or go completely into the hue.  I'll share some designer favorite blues tomorrow and show you some of my favorites, too. 

But for now, here's a heads up.  If you're in New York City, House Beautiful is doing a great Blue Chair giveaway.  That's right-- GIVE AWAY-- as in "free".  The team began placing these sculptural beauties all around Manhattan on Monday and have made many finders very happy already. 

And they plan to do it again tomorrow.  If you're looking for the best deal in NYC, follow their tweets to see where you can find your free Blue Chair!  But be warned, it's up to you to figure out how to get it home!

Blue chair 1
The proud new owner of this blue chair contemplates how he'll get it home in NYC traffic

February 18, 2010

Munich U-Bahn: A Colorful Metro Stop

Christian calls himself an amateur photographer.  I think his work is filled with the kind of colorful perspective that takes the viewer to the heart of the subject.  

A resident of Munich, Germany, this Spaniard has created perfect memories of many German architectural sites.  Armed with true natural talent and an open mind, Christian says his photography interests include "architectural and colourful vivid shots and I like to discover unusual angles and exploring the geometry and abstractness of the topics."

Munich U-Bahn Multi Color 1

Color blocks and photos bring an otherwise visually sterile environment to life!

Munich U-Bahn Greens

The layers of color are a fine example of monochromatic design.  Do you notice that the planes overlap in some areas?

Munich U-Bahn Blues

I'm still trying to understand this photo-- is it light or painte creating the gradient of the visible spectrum?

Munich U-Bahn Reds

Another great example of those planes of color.  They remind me of our fan decks, actually.

Vanishing point

Thought his is a metro station, I feel like I'm looking at a hallowed space.  It's luminous, endless, and gorgeous.

Are you moved yet?  I feel completely connected to his photographs.  If you do, as well, you can see more of his work here.  

February 16, 2010

Surface Magazine: Calling All Artists for $5000 and 3 Months In NYC!

Open Call Surface Mag

If you're an artist who'd rather not be starving, submit your art to Surface Magazine's 3rd Ward Event.  The competition will be juried by Carol Lee, Arts Editor at Paper Magazine, Dan Deacon, Sound Artist & Electro-acoustic Wizard, Rostarr, NYC Artist and Paolo Salvagione, Lead Design Engineer, The Long Now Foundation.
Surface Magazine hopes to draw upon emerging artists from across the globe who work in any medium! 
Submit the creative fruits of your labor to win.  The top 25 artists will also be featured in 3rd Ward's quarterly magazine and online gallery.  All you have to do is submit at least 3 samples of your work. 

Awards Surface Mag 

$5000 Award, A Solo Show, Airfare/Shipping, Residence for 3 Months in NYC, and Lots and Lots of Publicity

Just remember to enter before March 1st and to thank the little people (ahem, moi) when you win.  Good Luck!

February 08, 2010

A Traveler's Diary Of Design Lessons

I'm traveling internationally for the first time since my son was born and he's along for the trip (Good golly, may all the forces be with us!)  But, this trip is important because travel has been so influential in my life that I want to pass that gift on to my son, too. 

When I was just six, I took my first international trip with my family as we moved to the United States.  I'll never forget those matching red Chinese silk skirts my sisters and I all wore or how terrified I was as we de-boarded the plane in the US.  (I took a deep breath in and, was so scrawny that my skirt just fell right down!  Yes, that really happened.  We can laugh at this NOW, but I was mortified that day!)

Now, as I think back over the years, I can really appreciate how much travel has shaped me.  Whether traveling to a new nieghborhood or a completely foreign country, I always end up looking at my own life a bit differently when I get home.  So, as I'm traveling for a while, I'll still share some colorful thoughts I'm having, but I'm also going to take a break and enjoy myself some good old fashioned vacation time! 

Until I'm back with my new ideas, I thought I'd share a few little lessons picked up from other journeys:

Balance Vancouver
Balance is Natural(Vancouver has these amazing rocks that are simply balanced one upon the other by some very talented locals.  This is also the inspiration for the Winter Olympics Emblem in Vancouver.  The formation is called an inukshuk.  As reported on CBSnews.com, an inukshuk is "a carefully balanced pile of unworked rocks and slabs.  The Inuit have built them through time to guide travelers...") 

Look Up Versailles
Look UP!  (Versailles and many historical buildings have the most intricate details on the fifth wall...the ceiling) 

Sunset Zanzibar 
Enjoy the colors Sunrise as much as the Sunset.  Both can offer inspiration.  (My friend Sandy E took this in Zanzibar) 

Be Functional Amsterdam 
Let Function lead Design.  (These dutch apartments still use an age old method when a new tenant moves in.  They open up the windows and connect rope and a platform onto the architectural hook at the top of the roof to move belongings in and out of the space through the window.)

 Patience Haiti 
Make lots of deposits in the Bank of Patience.  You may find that you have to draw upon it often in during a project and in life.  (My husband volunteered his time in Haiti a couple of years ago.  He found it amazing that in a country with so little, they still made time for patience and laughter.)

Enjoy Paris 
There is Perfection in everything--observe the details.  It's the details that make anything personal.  Perfection is only what you see as being "just right."  (This is a sweet treat from my favorite dessert boutique in Paris, La Duree.  They have the most amazing ambiance that completes the experience.)

Know Your Home Botswana
Have a sense of Direction.  Set forth some goals and plans in life and design.  Both may change along the way, but you need a starting point!  (This very funny sign was photographed by my friend Betcy J. in Botswana)  

Home Amsterdam 
"Home" can be interpreted in many ways.  Be open to new ideas of what it can mean to you.  (In Amsterdam, boathouses are as common as apartments.  I found them to be filled with character.)

Where have you gathered your design, color, or life lessons and what are they?