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June 14, 2010

Color Reveals A Grown Up Room

Once in a while, we all like to change things up a bit try something different, don't we?  In this case, I took on a color challenge to offer a virtual consultation by video.  The result?  We brought ideas to life for someone looking for style! 

Meredith was desperately determined to turn her childhood bedroom into a sophisticated getaway on her visits to the home she grew up in.  She and Michele Alfonso from Fox News Channel's iMag (www.fncimag.com) came to me for some advice on how to make the room work with minimal changes.  I love working with Michele, so I couldn't turn it down.  Here's the set up.

Meredith's room needed inspiration.  She longed for a space that reflected her love of weekends at the beach and wanted it to feel like more like a resort cabana than a Gidget themed bedroom (remmber Gidget?  Oh, I loved her!)  Watch the video to see the whole story.


Meredith Before

 Meredith and Her Bedroom Before the Makeover

Click my image to hear ideas for Meredith's room and get the whole story:

Sonu mathew image


After Bedroom Stripes

Meredith Asks Color Questions

Meredith's pad gets a new look

Meredith found her new room reflects her grown up taste without losing her sense of individuality.  I'm hoping that Meredith will add in accents of deep corals in lantern or rugs to really make the combination come alive.

What are some other ways to help a room grow up without breaking the piggy bank?

June 01, 2010

Nestor's Nest: Bold Bedroom Color

Here's a personal question-- what color is your bedroom?  Today, mine is Spa AF-435 and I've loved it for a year, but am ready to move on. 

Some argue that it's the last room to think about.  Others would say everything should start there.  Who's right?  Who knows.  But one thing I know for sure-- Samantha Nestor's  bedroom got a well deserved facelift that left me wanting to move in!  In this, the last phase of the series, see how Interior Designer Christopher Coleman used smart and simple ideas like reuse, refinishing, and recoloring in this master bedroom.


Over time, I've become a fan of using deeper, saturated colors to envelope you in a master bedroom.  My light and airy bedroom has been restful over the last year as I was settling into my home, but I think it's time for me to go a little deeper, too.  What colors would you recommend for my master bedroom?

May 27, 2010

Transform An Office Using A Bold Palette

Can you imagine sharing a dark, cluttered, uninviting home office with your spouse?  The right color palette may help ease the situation.  Samantha Nestor and her husband share an office at home and designer Christopher Coleman made it work!  Wait until you see this transformation.  A surprising cast of colors includes blue, pink, green, orange, and yellow.  And it's topped off with a marigold ceiling! 

Would you put these colors together?


Christopher Coleman did.  See  how multiple Benjamin Moore colors work to create casual sophistication at home.

Did you see the "Before" images at the beginning of the video?  There was irreparable wood paneling all throughout the room that had to be removed.  What a difference it made!  The vertical stripes of color help to make the space feel taller and the bright colors partnered with good lighting breathes freshness into the space.
Can color help you work better, focus more, and keep you going?  The right environment can motivate you no matter what the day brings. What room in your home is begging for color(s)?

May 24, 2010

Nestor's Nest: Designer Tips For Style On A Budget

Does everything have to be exclusive labels and high dollar spend when you're renovating an area of your home?  How about if you're working with a design professional?  The answer is NO!  A good designer is focused on keeping in line with both your lifestyle and your budget. 

Sonu open high low
Making myself at home at Samantha's house  

Being smart about your money and creating design solutions with a pro is definitely "in".  Have an honest conversation with a professional and determine how you want to prioritize Timeline, Money, and Quality on your project.  It will help you decide where to spend your resources and how to find some deals.  You'll balance your interior and your checkbook without flinching.  Here's an example of how Samantha Nestor and designer Christopher Coleman  did it for a reading area in her home. 

A Few Designer Secrets From This Project:

Never skimp on things that protect your environment.  People often think paint is just about color, but I'm constantly reminded through experience and professional contractors that paint is also about protecting your walls so your home is beautiful and durable for a very long time.  Pair the right paint with your project-- Aura for durability, Natura for zero VOC, and this for wet areas like bathrooms and kitchens.  Window treatments are another example.  The Hunter Douglas window coverings in Samantha's home are gorgeous, but they also help to filter out natural elements like heat and sunlight that can increase your utility costs and damage interior fabrics and finishes. 

Now, for the blend.  These smart moves helped to keep the project in budget. 

The graphic fabric used on the valance may have been pricey off the roll, but Samantha's designer had remnants of it from a previous project and he was able to offer it to Samantha for a fraction of the cost.  Asking your designer if they have remnants you can use is a great way to save money and re-purpose the material.

Dive into your local Home Goods when you want something fashionable, affordable, and get "Home Goods Happy" as they say.  The mid century modern style armchair and ottoman from Home Goods were inviting to begin with and adding the Alpha Workshops custom pillow was the proverbial cherry on top.  You can also try resale shops, ebay, demolition auctions, flea markets, and local estate sales for ideas that will keep your project on track.  Remember these options not only save money, but are a great way to give something a new life cycle.

Together, all these elements combine to make an ideal spot to sit back and admire Samantha's style and sensibility! 

Test your ability to tell what's high and low.  Can you tell which of these rooms was designed with a $9000 budget and which was designed with a $3000 budget?  Take a guess and then click below for the answers.

High-low-dressing 1

High-low-dressing 2

[View Photo Source and Answer]

The trick is to mix and match elements from both to make it your own!  What's your High-Low secret?

May 21, 2010

Nestor's Nest: What Does Foyer Color Say About A Home?

What color do you and your guests first see as the front door opens?  Is it inviting, invigorating, calm, subdued, complex, or busy? 

You can determine the mood you want to set and plan your weekend around making it come to life!  Make a statement with with just the right paint color, edited accesories like artwork or furniture, and details like a unique lighting fixture.

Remember to use a high quality low or zero VOC paint that can be made in your choice of colors;  it dries quickly with no lingering smell.

Here's how one homeowner, Samantha Nestor, and her designer, Christopher Coleman, combined Pear Green walls in Aura, heirlooms from her family and well-priced pieces from Home Goods to create an entrance that sets the mood for her home.

Foyer Color


This foyer is full of color kissed with sunlight.  It draws you into the home and says the homeowners are fun, well traveled, and confident in their colors!  What do your foyer colors say about you?

Stay tuned for Monday's post on how to really design areas of your home on a real budget and always in high style!