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November 15, 2010

Expert Of The Week-- Design and Color Tips From the Pros

Being at Benjamin Moore, I've come across many talented people over the years who make me proud to be in the design industry.  These design professionals that are big fans of our company are experts at their craft and passionate in what they deliver to their clients.  So, I wanted to share more of their great ideas with you.


Looking for design solutions on how to deal with tight spaces, shrinking budgets, or growing families?  Ever wondered why a designer becomes a designer?  Well, consider this a designer's diary.  I'm featuring different designers in the upcoming months who will share a little insight that I hope will create big ideas!

Along with the expert's post on my blog, Benjamin Moore is scheduling a Q&A with the expert of the week and more information will be posted through Benjamin Moore's Expert's Exchangefacebook and twitter.

My First Expert Of The Week: Nelly Youakim


Here we go!  Nelly Youakim, of Youakim Home, is a residential designer and decorator practicing in Toronto, Canada for almost 10 years.  Her influence have come from Greece where she began her design career and extend to include a holistic interest in creating greener homes.  Part of her profits go to support charity, a lesson we can all take to heart.

I asked Nelly what room can be a small, but impactful project to take on.  She had this to say about the "Almighty Powder Room":


A small room that speaks great dimensions, the powder-room is one especially important space that needs extra attention when designing and decorating. Whether your preference leans towards classic, modern, transitional or eclectic style, allow yourself to go big and bold in, so splurge as much as you can. Remember visitors talk, so give them something interesting to talk about. 

With this in mind here are a few design and decorating suggestions that will help you make the most out of your powder room, and wow your guests while making them feel pampered and appreciated when they visit.

Whether you’re working with a generous budget or a modest one, you can achieve outstanding results with the following tips.

Elegant Powder Room 
Powder Room by Marsh & Clark Design via here 

Walls:play with a great paint finish, something that will expand your room, color and direction. If the room is narrow a pattern that is wide, will make it feel wider. Go wide horizontal stripes, or even wide vertical stripes; a tone on tone finish is a very elegant and subtle way of making the most out of your walls. 

Vanity: There was a time when only bathroom vanities were used in bathrooms, now more and more we see innovative and creative ideas, antiques are used with modern fitting creating unique pieces of art. The vanity should be your signature piece, if you are going to replace it, go all out. Buy an irresistible vanity that will leave visitors envying you.

Lighting:  It is very important to infuse good lighting. Use sconces and chandeliers; remember make-up touch up time, this is a task that requires good lighting, your great lights well positioned will make your visitors look good, and feel good!


Photo courtesy of Youakim Home 

Faucet: Invest in quality and design. Quality shows and lasts, select the finish and style that will complement the overall look you are after. Remember that water efficient units are not a splurge, they are a must and you will feel very good contributing to the environment this way.

Floor: If you chose to go with a full gut and replace your existing flooring, make it a heated floor, your guests and you will appreciate the warmth on the cold days of the winter. As On the other hand if you keep your existing tile, and select a rug, do not use the bath mats in your powder room, but go for a beautiful and sophisticated small area rug with colors that will complement your design.

Mirrors: A Mirror on the wall, is a piece of art in disguise. Select an elegant frame and quality mirror.

Windows: If you have been privileged to have a window in your powder-room, here is your chance to dress it up! Use luxurious fabrics and style.

 Art, Accessories and Everything else: The finishing touches that bring the entire story together. Give importance to the little things that make a big difference. From soap dispenser to towels to hand lotion, these are the things that your visitors will feel special using and make their experience unforgettable.

Beauty and functionality go hand in hand in the design of any room. Sheer elegance in big ways is the game you want to play here and make the most out of this small space. Go big go bold and enjoy!

October 27, 2010

Twitter Party With Debbie Wiener and Benjamin Moore

Is your home slobproof?  Debbie Wiener thinks every home should be livable and well designed at the same time.  I love that!  So, we're teaming up to talk color, design, and how to create beautiful spaces that make sense for everyday life on Thursday, October 28 at 3pm EST!

Check out Debbie's book with "real-life" design solutions.

Meet me and Debbie on Twitter on Thursday, October 28 at 3pm EST by following #benmooreslobproof.  We're taking on questions and ideas on color, design, and everyday dilemmas.  

Share your best and worst decor stories and tell us what you've learned along the way.  We're looking for you to tell us your favorite colors from Benjamin Moore and how you've used them, too!

RSVP so you can be included in the chance to win some great prizes like the House Beautiful 500 Favorite Paint Colors bookazine and Slobproof giveaways from Debbie!  All you have to do is "like" Debbie's Facebook Page and leave a comment with your Twitter handle to be eligible to win!

September 23, 2010

A First Date With Nate Berkus- Will He Call Again?

We've all had awkward first dates, right?  This is the story of about 100 design bloggers and Nate Berkus on a first and somewhat blind date...

Many of you already know that the Moggit Girls started a twitter revolution in the design sense when they began a blog and tweet craze around Nate Berkus last summer.  Their bold and inventive shout out to Nate convinced the folks at The Nate Berkus Show to do a design blogger audience on Tues, Sept. 21.  I was excited to be invited! 

Nate berkus tix
 Tickets to hang out with Nate

Almost 100 design bloggers actually sent rsvp's and showed up.  We were graciously invited a week in advance, so many people rearranged their lives to get to the show from all over the map.  I wasn't one of them.  I sent a couple of friends/cohorts (Andrea & Lisa!) that would be my eyes and ears at the show since I couldn't get there.

Nate berkus holding room 
"Holding Room" at The Nate Berkus Show 

They sent me photos that I tweeted, told me about all the great segments and the awesome q&a where Nate opened up to the audience.  There was even a reference to Nate's favorite grays, Dior Gray and Silver Lake, from Benjamin Moore.

2133-40_Dollop4_2x2_72dpi    1598_Dollop3_2x2_72dpi

Dior Gray 2133-40 and Silver Lake 1598 

What was missed was the connection to the design blog audience.  The segments didn't relate to the specific audience or the potential of the free good publicity they could have created because of the special event.  Perhaps it's a chance to get back to basics?  A chance to remember the golden rules of any public engagement?  Acknowledge your guests and know your audience.

Nate berkus q a
Q&A after the taping 

The audience was disappointed and felt undervalued, to say the least, that there was no on-camera acknowledgment of a unique audience filled with people who love to gab about design, color, ideas, and Nate to millions of fans.  Susan Serra, of The Kitchen Designer, calls it as she saw it here.  Whether from LA or Long Island, several people moved around personal and professional priorities and used their own funds to get to the show.  So, there's a great deal of Nate bashing going on right now on twitter.

It was obviously a bad call on The Nate Show's part, but he, as a professional, is still talented and does a great job getting out a message on design to people.  And thanks to all the Nate Day posts, I'm sure he's now becoming an avid reader of tweets and blogs to discover the true perspective of his audience.  THAT is a gift that is not often given.  I wonder if the show is considering how to make it right?  Well, here's a silver lining from Janell.

Design blogs have always been about new ideas and I want to thank the Moggit Girls again for putting this one out there and to Nate for making it happen.  I'd say "yes" to a second date!

September 22, 2010

Can't Commit to Color? Let The Experts Help

Are you tired of staring at paint chips on your wall?  Can't commit to Color?  Before you paint yourself into a corner (so to speak), remember that there are professionals out there that are ready to help put your mind at ease and remind you that this is supposed to be FUN!  Here's one way to get professional color advice for free.  Yes, free...

Gossamer blue living room benjamin moore 

Pottery Barn is teaming up with me and a few of our experts from Benjamin Moore Experts Exchange on Facebook to help you out! 

Bm experts exchange 

All you have to do is send in a photo of your room and answer these three questions below.  Email your entry to [email protected]

3 Questions:

1. Describe your style.
2. How do you use your space?
3. Do you have a favorite color or combination of colors that you’d love to use in the room you're submitting?

Entries will be reviewed and we will select 20 photos & provide paint color recommendations. Winners will be posted on Pottery Barn's Facebook page and each will receive free pints of the recommended paint colors from Benjamin Moore!

Hurry!  The deadline to enter is Friday, September 24!

Resources: Benjamin Moore Experts Exchange, Pottery Barn Fan Page

September 01, 2010

Callie Jenschke Scouts Style For Lonny

Callie and I met when we worked on a project together a while back.  I was excited to learn that we not only share our passion for design and color, but we're also both Texas Ex's!  So when I saw Callie on the cover of Lonny, looking fabulous and full of life, I was especially thrilled to see the title: Lone Star Style in Central Park West.  Nice!

Callie Cover Lonny Mag

Callie is an accomplished stylist and is partner in Scout Design, based in New York City.  Her style sensibilities have been coveted and leveraged by Clodagh, Metropolitan Home, and Blueprint.  Here's her take on J. Crew and Lauren Moffatt style as translated in a home.  I've added some Benjamin Moore colors that work with the looks, too.  Basically, it becomes a style recipe for fall looks and colors you can't do without!

Lonny J Crew 1 
Lonny J Crew 2 



Lonny Lauren Moffatt 1 
 Lonny Lauren Moffatt 2

I caught up with Callie last week to find out which other designers she's into right now and what one design accessory would bring that flair into a home.


Dries Van Notten 

DVN Wisteria
Wisteria  World Map Plates add a little adventure to any meal



Isabel Marant has glittery style to offset her moody hues

Marant Jayson Home
These "wall flowers" add bursts of texture and glitz instantly 




Burberry Prorsum creates a feminine military style in perfect proportions

Burberry Prosrum Python Alvey
This Python sconce has lines as sleek as a stiletto


Does Fashion inspire you to dress your rooms?

 Resources: Lonny Magazine, Scout Design